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  1. Thanks very much, everyone. I have another one (and it looks like I'll have tons more). Not sure if I should post it here though. Probably it's better idea to create a new topic... ??? Anyhow, here it is, where to find basic description of components? I mean function, purpose, basic schemes how to use, etc. I.e. what is "latch"? How it works? Where, when and what for should I use it? Or what for and when should I use "octal 3-state transmitter/receiver" like 74CT244? What is "3-state" (I suppose 0, 1, Z)? I'm trying to create some device on DSP, but when I look on schematics, I don't understr
  2. Hello everyone, I'm a complete newbie in microelectronics, please, don't laugh too much. :) What does "high-impedance state" mean exactly?
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