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  1. thank you so much but its not enough for me. I have external oral so i don't know what will they ask on this project so please i want the whole description & also function of each component & also i want to ask you if you're my teacher & taking my oral then what will you ask me on this project? it will me help me for preparation
  2. oh sorry my english is poor & that was sms language sorry again. pls give me working of that circuit
  3. thnx 2 reply me bt i want working i hav externel on dis project so pls help me
  4. bt last tym it gave me something like squre waves bt they were 2 many n phone jack for wt?
  5. hi i m new here i want breif discription n working of each component of electronic stethoscope using 741 i ran that ckt 1st i got oscillation at d U1 when i tried 2nd tym it gave me sinewave so also i want 2 know what should output at U1 U2 U3 U4 & U5 thnx
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