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  1. Hi, i'm looking for someone to design and/or build a system for me but i'm not sure where to go or who to speak to. I'm looking for a system that can act as a thermostat and lighting system for 50 seperate units (ie 1 unit = 1 heater and 1 light). Some basic requirements/information: The heaters will be up to 300w. Temperature for each unit must be measured and digitally logged. Temperature levels must be adjustable. Heat should be maintained using pulse proportional tech rather than on/off tech. Lighting is required to go on and off over an adjustable 24hr period. I would prefer to have a computer system running this rather than having it a stand alone system. I would also prefer to have the unit inputs working on a modular level (ie 5-10 units per module) so i can add/subtract modules as and when neccesary. I appreciate that this combines design, programming and build experience so if i am i the wrong place could you please re-direct me.
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