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  1. Hi everybody! I am looking for the september 2002 issue of "Electronics for you". If anybody has it. I would be gratefull to him/her if he/she could upload it to the forum. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi everybody, Well the card is for programming the fun cards used by satellite recievers. As for the port used on the card is a of DB 25 type. I tried both the serial and parallel commercial cable but without success NB: the details of the programmer is on http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/mcu/006/index.html regards
  3. Thanks for replying, Well, the cable that I want to design is for the fun card programmer by Diesel that I designed using the schematic and pcb from the electronics lab projects (if you require more information, have a look at the projects on the above menu), but till now have not succeded to connect it to the PC. I therefore still waiting for any suggestions ;D
  4. Hi Everybody, Can anyone help to design the cable required by the fun programmer by Diesel? Thanks in advance ;D
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