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  1. Does anyone have the power supply schematics for FO216 Sharp ???? Please upload ASAP many thanks in advance Jomiservice
  2. It looks like a problem of CRT. One of the colors is weak and provokes that the circuit IK is activated and annulled the image. See here http://www.iwaynet.net/~nesda/sonyik.html To try, We can cheat to the circuit IK putting three diodes as it appears in the figure and cutting IK'S line
  4. I want to know the type for the Mosfet and the main electrolitic
  5. do you know the Model or chassis ? ???
  6. I'm looking the schematic for this Playstation2 AC adaptor. I need to identify two components. Many thanks in advance for your promptly answer :'( Jomi
  7. Anyone have a power supply schematic for an Microsoft Console XBOX Please answer as soon as posible my e-mai [email protected]
  8. See the attach file Jomi Pages_from_NSX-K550.pdf
  9. Does anyone know the chassis number for a Philips TV Model 20PT424/85R? many thanks in advance Jomi :'(
  10. We changed the IC Regulator STRZ4151B because was burned . Close to it is the diode D 876 , We need to know what kind of diode is it . Do you have the schematic diagram ??? We will appreciate your help Jomi
  11. I' m looking for uPD6250C datasheet or replacement Many thanks in advance Jomi :'(
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