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    Hello all, I am new here, and this is my first post. Alright, (deep breathes) here goes: I am semi new to the realm of electronics and have been learning the theory for some time now, and would like to get into the application side too. I am trying to set up a lab in my garage. I am going to buy a soldering iron here in a few days, and would like to begin making my own circuits. What electronic components do I need to get started? Is there anywhere that I can buy a component kit that comes with an assortment of resistors, transistors, diodes, capacitors, bread boards, and the such? Or do I just go and buy these components separately? I found this site that sells grab bags of components like a five pound bag or various transistors and things like that. Would it be a good idea to buy one of each of these bags? If i do, what are all of the components that I should get(ie:trasnsistors, capacitors, transformers). As you can tell, I do not know too much about assembling circuits, but I am wanting to get into is very seriously. I would like to be building semi simple robots by this time next year. If anyone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You.
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