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  1. hellow!!!! experimenting on your projects can really help!!! and it will increase your knowlege about electronics!! and also dont forget to put some personal touch in your projects. because as far as i know also in my opinion electronics is modern art. ok !!!
  2. men!!!! i can help you for that circuit. i already have that. my problem is how can i post my circuits. i dont know how.
  3. hey!!!!!!!!!!!! i can help you in that problem. i have that circuit you need and its works very very well!! but my problem is how to post my circuit here?i dont know how.tell me how. and i will give you the schematics and also the patern of the circuit board.
  4. hello!!! id like to ask some question about caps. i have a problem about polyester caps because this caps is not widely abailable here in the philiphines!! if i replace it with mylar or ceramic caps. is that ok!!
  5. hi!! i'm planing to replace the tl071 with jrc4559 is that ok!! i need your opinion. can you help me!? thanks.
  6. hey !!!! how about sk100 is there any one can help me find the replacement!!!
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