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  1. thanx sir hero, will do that now=) thanx=)
  2. @sir audio it's ok, what i need is voltage that can be adjusted from 3.7v to 5.5v only, don't really need up to 12volts sir=) so can the new regulator do the trick for my requirements sir?
  3. sir audioguru, thank you very much for the patience in answering all of my questions, truly you are a wonderful asset her in electronicslab community=) muah muah=O will this regulator do? MAX1709 Description 4A, Low-Noise, High-Frequency, Step-Up DC-DC Converter
  4. is there by any chance that the circuit be tweaked so it can handle load that big? or maybe i have to replace the stepup regulator?
  5. ok sir was able to test it loaded at 1.6amps sir
  6. by the way thanx sir for the interest to help=)
  7. huhuhuu... sorry sir don't have a tester for current output=( i set it to 6 volts then when loaded it dropped to 3.83v=(
  8. do i have to replace my regulator or can it be solved?
  9. Good Day Sirs I would like to ask for consultation to everyone who will be able to help me with my problem i made an adjustable stepup voltage dc to dc converter, i was able reach my desired voltage but the problem is, i think it does not supply enough power, so even if i setup the voltage to 6volts once i plug in the device to the circuit the 6volts output drops to like 3+volts? can anyone help me with this? by the way here is the attached pic of the diagram i made using the lm2577
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