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  1. Oh I see Hero999! Then what should I use to substitute the circuit ? Pls explain
  2. I need to design a circuit to switch on a warning lamp or sound a hooter when a door is opened and the reed switch is activated by the magnet. I have herewith attached the circuit diagram of the test setup. My problem is that the reed switch fails within a few (3 or 4) operations though the current measured is in very small units. Kindly advise me how to go about it to solve the problem.
  3. What is the model number of the Sony TV ?
  4. I am in need of designing and constructing a switching / chopping circuit to switch a power supply of around 100V dc at the rate of about 250Hz and the Load is a purely Inductive load. The load is nothing but a buzzing coil to switch on and off reed switches at 250Hz frequency. The current through the coil will be around 3A. It currently runs on an old bulky transformer but the system must be replaced with a solid-state controller. Kindly suggest me if I should deploy SCRs, MOSFETs, or any other device. Please provide me your valuable suggestions and ideas or send me links to any such solutions or references. Thanks a lot in advance for your kind help
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