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  1. Hello all I need an insulated multistranded copper conductor which can carry 8-9 Amp current, should be screened, having an insulation which can withstand working voltage of 1.5KVrms. Moreover insulation should be flexability as this cable is needed to be wind/unwind regularly. As for as current carrying capacity is concerned, i think AWG11/12 will be suitable for me. The problem i face is finding a combination of individually screened, flexibility as well as high working voltage i.e. 1.5 KVrms. The most common insulation i found during search is PVC but its flexibility/Voltage rating is in question. Can any one kindly suggest any solution especially regarding type of insulation suitable (for 1.5KVrms and flexible) as well as screening? Thanks
  2. Hello all I am using two Blackbox media convertors in a pair (Ethernet to optical and vice versa) in order to send 100Mbps ethernet (TCP/IP) data on single mode (SM) optical fibre pair using 1310 wavelengths. The specifications of media converter says that ethernet data can be sent over 10Km SM optical fibre. Great. My problem is that i have 06 no of connectors (having SM optical contacts with insertion loss <0.6dB per connector ) b/w the two media converter modules. Considering the insertion losses of 6 connectors, i need to calculate theoretically the effective length (in Km) of fibre optic overwhich which i can send ethernet data (100 Mbps) safely. Is there any formula or some relation b/w fibre optic length & loss which can help me? Thankks Best Regards
  3. Hello all i am using FPGA board with ADC Ic and i have to provide clock signals (>40 MHz) from FPGA to ADC and digital output signals from ADC to FPGA. What type of cables should i select for digital clock/data? How much length of above cable i can use or in other words how far FPGA board can be placed from ADC board without clock distortion? Please help me Thanks
  4. Hello all I need to select/source suitable shielded conductor/cable (of 200m lenght) for carrying 2 KVrms sinewave signal of 2 KHz frequency. The current will not exceede from 1.5 amp. Moreover 2 to 4 conductor pairs will be placed side by side so individual conductor's shielding required for as less interfarence as possible. Can any one kindly help me for selecting suitable cable/conductor? Best Regards asim
  5. Hello i am using NI DAC (6723) to drive QSC RMX 4050HD Power amplifier (PA). I am generating 1-5KHz sinusoidal signals from my DAC. 1- I need some isolation & signal smoothing b/w DAC & 2kWatt PA. 2- Secondly, NI DAC has current limitation of 5mA/channel. I also desire to boost this capacity to say (10mA/channel) with some IC b/w DAC output & PA input. Can any one kindly suggest some type of analog isolation IC/transformer which can do this job? Thanks Best Regards asim
  6. Hello everybody I require individually screened conductor(multi stranded) to deliver Power signal (1-5KHz Freq) of approximately 1 KVrms @ 6 Amp ac current. Can any one kindly suggest suitable shielded conductor/cable with source? Thanks Best Regards
  7. hello all i am working on designing and manufacturing of hybrid connectors containing pins (male/female parts) for power and data (coaxial) signals. Can any one kindly indicate me the sources from where i could buy pins (power and coaxial male/female parts)? For coaxial, i need very small diameter pins (male/female) Best Regards asim
  8. Hi every one I am designing PCBs of analog/digital circuits in Orcad layout and facing problems in selection of different parameters like Nets, padstack sizes etc. Like if a net carries currnet of 1 amp, what should be its width/height? What should be optimal size of net/padstack for digital and analog signals? Is there some helping material which could guide me to select optimal parameters for my PCBs? Best Regards
  9. Thanks for the reply and material you provided.
  10. Thanks for reply . Yes it needs to be pure sine wave with as less distortion as possible
  11. Hi all I have a QSC audio amplifier (RMX 4050HD) and an acoustic transducer having input impedance of approx 180 oham at resonant frequency. QSC amplifier can provide about 2000 watt to 2 oham load (speaker) . If i directly connect transducer to amplifier, i only get 50-60 watt output. I require atleast 600-700 watt power so i need a matching transformer (probably step-up transformer) b/w transducer and amplifier. Can any one kindly suggest charecteristic parameters (e.g. winding ,core , insulation etc) of transformer most suitable for my application? Is there any software availavle for design of such transformers?Most software available on net are for RF matching transformers Note:My operational frequency band is about 3-5 KHz Best Regards
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