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  1. Hey all, Nathan here. I'm new to this board, and looking for some tips. I'm new to electronics. I am making a portable video streamer. It's ghetto, and there are a slew of easier ways to meet my goals, but these are the parts I have available, and so I want to try and find a way to make it work. I have an Anton Bauer battery that is typically 16vdc, but can fluctuate 12v-17v. It's an 8 amp source. I'm trying to power a 12v encoder, that may require up to 2.5 amps. I have several small 12v solid voltage regulators from radio shack (I don't hace access to the P/N right now), at first they seemed perfect. But they can only supply up to 1 amp. I know so little that finding the right part is becoming more and more frustrating. After this project I plan to spend a good amount of time getting up to speed, possibly taking some electronics classes. I would love to finish this first though. I considered 3 of the Radio Shack regulators I have in series. From my online research it seems likely that I could reach my target of 12v, with enough current to supply 3 amps. But I'm not confident enough to test it out on my only encoder. I went to a store in town and got the closest thing I could identify as a possible solution. A nte970 Linear Integrated Circuit 3-Terminal Adjustable Positive Voltage Regulator. What a name! There are some inherent flaws with this part. Firstly, apparently my knowledge is far too lacking to know what to do with it. Secondly, it's called a "3-terminal regulator", but it only has 2 terminals to my eyes. I'd love some help. I don't mind buying a regulator or some various other part. I just want this to work. Sorry for the long post for such a simple problem. I'm prone to long-windedness. Thanks for your time. -Nathan
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