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  1. I also know an institute organized by hqew.net, the teachers always shows the internation Fairs and invite the toppest salers to direct you ,the URL:http://www.hqew.net/topics/hqewnet-institute/
  2. Sorry for that questions i hardly can reply for you, but i think the best answer is from the salers, why not you just go to the electronic mall to get the answers or you can search them by internet and then call them. here's some suppliers in hqew.net for opa445 TELESKY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 0755_83957245 [email protected] SHENHONGBAO INTERNATIONAL (HK) COMPANY LIMITED 86-755-23467858 [email protected] Sky-micro Electronics co.,limited 86-0755-83237277 [email protected] Ariat Technology Ltd 0852_30522530 [email protected] SUNWAY INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD 0755_83002266 [email protected] i wish that will help you ....
  3. its really complex,why not you try to choose a agency to help you out? i suggest you to pick the regular like SRMC of hqew.net.
  4. i'm new here, need some types of electronic components, such as lm358 , i know this forum is about electro-music, i also want to know what kinds of parts can use for it ?i just know HQEW.NET that one of my friends told me, are you knowed it before and a memeber of it? how does it work?
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