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  1. Why not use a 556 Dual Timer with seperate circuits on each timer? http://members.shaw.ca/pferlow/desulfator.htm http://www.talkingelectronics.com/FreeProjects/555/555-P2.html
  2. Having a hard time with it. But, I have found alot of links to Stepper motor Tutorials ect. If you want the list let me know.
  3. Here is the second Datasheet HCC_HCF_4076B.pdf
  4. Here is the first Datasheet. HCC_HCF_4046B.pdf
  5. Does your TV have Audio output RCA Jacks in the back? Does your Player? If so all you need is a Stereo or Amplifier with input Jacks. The TV has a limited amount of audio so you need an extra Amplifier to hook more speakers up. I am an Audio Tech as well as a Pressure Washer Tech. Believe me, any other way you will burn out the amplifier in the TV and you won't have any sound at all!
  6. Is this it? C10 = ECG113A = DS-17 = DS-131 This Diode has 3 pins and resembles a transistor G10 = 1N4007 = 1 amp Diode DO15 Case Plastic Looks like a standard Diode ECG113A.pdf
  7. Here is all I could find so far. R34B16B General-Purpose Silicon Rectifier Manufacture IR 11 Available http://www.cmbcomponents.com/
  8. Check out page 26 on this one! http://earthlcd.com/zlcd/downloads/lm24014w.pdf
  9. Is this the Machine you are working on? Here is more info. Frac-100. Made by Pharmacia, Uppsala, Sweden Parts http://www.sci-bay.com/partspages/lkb_parts-1.html http://www.sci-bay.com/partspages/lkb_parts-2.html Authorized Repair Center http://www.sci-bay.com/index.html Frac-100.pdf
  10. Here is more info. http://www.optrex.com/pdfs/Dmf5000_11-20.pdf http://www.eio.com/lcdprodt.htm http://www.microcalinc.com/ http://www.ic-distributors.com/HTML_ICD_T-2.shtml lcd_display.txt
  11. Found More Info. Radioshack 1400 Laptop Parts list http://support.radioshack.com/support_computer/doc30/30549.htm To order parts call 1-800-843-7422 or visit your local RadioShack store. Reference # Cat.No. Description NP Part # TLX-XD1-8 10878577 IC,T7778A LCD CONT MX1625 10878577 100P FLAT PAK MX1625 TLX-YD1-3 10878585 IC,T7900 LCD CONT MX1626 10878585 92P FLAT PAK MX1626 http://support.radioshack.com/support_computer/doc30/30547.htm[
  12. here is one for sale on ebay. http://www.summitcellularcenter.com/SAD1024-BUCKET-BRIGADE-DELAY-IC-NEW-RETICON,i3714117096,c41415.html Or you can Buy one here! http://www.smallbearelec.com/Ordering/Stocklist.htm
  13. This will help you for sure! http://www.geofex.com/sad1024.htm http://www.du.edu/~etuttle/electron/elect39.htm Datasheet Attached. SAD512-1024.pdf
  14. Here is my Idea for a DC to DC Converter with no Magnetics. 12vdc to +-15vdc Will it work?
  15. It appears to be a Mono IC chip. Sometimes TA and KIA are interchangable. I am not giving up on it until I get all of the info or until I get to this Link. http://www.datamath.net/
  16. Do you know the manufacture of the Kit? Maybe the Kit #
  17. BAT29 Schottky Diode Equivelent 1N5390 SGS Thompson Purchase http://www.danssmallpartsandkits.net/ Datasheet http://www.xinsemi.com/english/up/upload/BAT29.pdf BAT29.pdf
  18. Here is something but I don't know what it is. http://www.technochips.co.jp/freeprog/sanyo_lc78636/lc78636.zip
  19. I'm having a real hard time with these! Here is what I have so far. These only mention your chips but, it is something. http://www.eio.com/lcd.htm http://earthlcd.com/zlcd/downloads/lm24014w.pdf http://forum.microchip.com/tm.asp?m=29114 http://www.mpja.com/download/14619opap.pdf
  20. I assume it is out of a car stereo. The number reads like a Toshiba Chip. What brand of stereo is it out of and model #
  21. Let's try something else What is it in and what is the make and model. Let's try to find you a schematic diagram and see what it tells us.
  22. My whole Idea is to use 2N3055 Transistors. I don't like MOSFET. Anything that can blow from touching it with your finger is not relyable in my book. MOSFET is static sensitive and I don't like the Idea of using something them in a powersupply with magnetic fields and stray electrical currents floating around.
  23. I recieved the hard copy. It was coppied from a book. I scanned all of the pages then I doctored them up and found a way to convert them to PDF format then I found another way to put all of the files into one PDF file. Here it is! Pcf5073.pdf
  24. Here it is! CS16312EN=UPD16312 Brand SEMIC CS16312EN Dynamic VFD Driver. Package Type QFP44 Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Controller/Driver IC UPD16312.pdf
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