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  1. safety (earth) ground is not needed by most modern tvs because they use double insulation for safety from electrecution
  2. JCB18 I'm a llama! Re:LM317 power supply trouble
  3. the device itself could also be faulty!
  4. check to see if the voltage can be adjusted, if not,then you probably have a fault in the resistor divider or misconnected pin
  5. just use a 600mA/630mA fuse man, fast/slow dont matter man
  6. the current standard of tv is inferior to monitor technology, most monitors are hdtv capable, also the electronics involved would be complex and expensive and cost as much as a new small screen tv the only option that would make sense would be a digital tv box to monitor even so, there are pc-hdtv-cards cheaply priced that do the same thing
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