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  1. It seems the radio was made to handle 5 diffrent voltage inputs. Would you still have that frequency rating to worry about if the radio was built to handle these voltage changes? Here's the switch witht he cover off: And here's a pic with the cover on: I would like to know if i can use a "T630mA/250V" fuse for 110V?? The 110V requires a 0,6A Slowblow. Can use the T630mA/250V fuse ?
  2. Thanks for the quick replys :) I noticed an extra fuse included with this radio In a ziploc bag. On the head of the fuse it reads "T630mA/250V" Is this fuse just a replacement fuse for the 220V setting? Or did he include the 110V fuse i need in the ziploc bag?
  3. Hello all. First off let me applaud the creators and moderators of this site. Nice work! I am an amature when it comes to fixing electronics, but i do have a little bit of experience with it. I recently bought an old Valve\Tube Radio from and overseas vendor in Germany. It's a '59 Nordmende Elektra. I have replaced the plug on the end and have turned the voltage switch to accept 110V now. However, I have a question on replacing the fuse. I need to know if i am reading the voltage from back of the radio the right way. Here is a picture of what I am refering to: I am Having trouble understanding the comma in between the zero and six on this line - "Sicherung fur : 110/125 = 0,6A trage" . Does the comma act as a period like this " 0.6 Amp Slow " or does the comma just act and read like this "6 Amp Slow"?? I have some 6.3 amp 250V Slow-Blow fuses. Will those work or do i need 0.6 Amp Slow blow fuses?
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