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  1. i got 2 of these from another pack rat he said they date from the 80's i tested them with a light bulb and they work ok i can not find a datasheet for them would one of these, a rectifier, and capacitor work for a stepper power supply http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-6-Douglas-Randall-Proportional-Controller-Model-R15A-120V-15A-/150800378506 richard
  2. Can someone tell me how to remove the platters from this spindle motor without using cutting tools Richard
  3. Good, I was wondering if maybe the 10 on the end of the number string meant 10%. I will have to wait to order one until I have enough to justify the shipping charges. Thanks Richard
  4. A capacitor in a power supply exploded. It is 2200uf 25v. I attached a photo of the other side. Is this just a "standard" capacitor?
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