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  1. Additional Info: R414 has a value of 15K ohms and is series connected to the Horiz. Output Trans via a ceramic capacitor or a tantalum (NOT SURE what type of capacitor) CR404S with a value of 681/2KV going back the the jungle ic pin # 34 marked S-Castle. Questions: 1. Anyone knows what type of capacitor is CR404S and how to check this type of capacitor? 2. What does S-Castle mean? 3a. I find it more convenient to disconnect or detach first the wires and connectors going to the deflection yoke, 2nd anode etc. prior to performing resistance checks on components. 3b. Is it ok to perform in
  2. Good day everybody! I had been tinkering an old Samsung TV that has a vertical line problem on the rightmost part of the screen, stretched about 3 inch in size and dark in color. Upon visual inspection on its chassis, I found a burnt resistor (R414). I had replaced the burnt resistor with the same value per schematic diagram but the resistor keeps on blowing. What seems to be the problem? Thanks in advance... :(
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