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  1. Hello Audioguru .!!!!!!! Long time no see you...coz i'm bz...thanks for all info in this forum..i successful done it..!!!! but one problem..please give me the comparison between the experimental and theoretical result of this electronic stethoscope...Urgent !!!! thanks
  2. Hi Audioguru....Actually is it this electronics stethoscope could detect the noise in the car?...I mean is it practical to use it in onother way beside in medical????If yes could you tell me how???..is there any changes that we have to make in our schematic diagram????
  3. Hi Audioguru...I'm again..I would like to know the advantages of this electronics stethoscope (at least 10) in brief ..because what i can see is just could hear our heartbeat... Moreover, I would like to know what is the disadvantages of electronics stethoscope?Thank you for your help..
  4. Hi Audioguru..I have a question...How is the functional block diagram for the electronics stethoscope project look likes..could you show me?? ;D?
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