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  1. where are you all ?

    btw since srv,irc,gr is not always the best for connections outside of greece

    prefer one of these depending on your location

    elli.irc.gr , virginia.irc.gr or jerseyirc.gr (USA)

    phobos.irc.gr (UK)

    styx.irc.gr (Germany)

    cyprus.irc.gr (Cyprus)

  2. thanks for your notes

    1) yes it has pulses its not alterante i miunderstood it last time
    (my english are bad)

    2) that i was asking from the first time . a mosfet inside thiese specs

    3) its not the optocoupler i use and there is offcourse more circuit for led . its a AVR with dac and transistor controlling led

    that reason 1 i wand to avoid sine generator (complicated)

    4) hmmm another idea what about two SCR reverced intead of mosfet and no diode bridge , so half of period (positive) will heat SCR 1 ,negative period of pulse SCR 2 ?

    better one ;)

    any SCR with load of 1-2A in its specifications

  3. i was thinking about that in for lamp...
    and since you confirm it i will go for "normal" ones

    the idea is to use a diode bridge so no AC

    the project i am working on supposed to dimm normal lamps so
    an absolute maximun i guess 80 or 100 watt at 220v or less = about 0.5A if i am not wrong

    i have think on connect it in series with lamp and via its gate
    control the light

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