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  1. furthermore does exist any info of what all these (5 variable resistors) do in the final version ?
  2. Hello i have bought some generic IR LED for illumination, i forgot to ask of the exact code to check theri datasheet, and wondering whats the general max power they work. i found datasheet from 50 - to hundreds of mA, and i am confused ! i.e. LED are 20-25mA in general
  3. but its interesting on how do you actually can measure a LED light, if there is any more or less easy method with more or less accurancy
  4. as i can see he supply a simple guide info and extra example premade connectors for anybody to use.... well done gevv thanks :) i use sprintlayout too and would be nice help to me too ;)
  5. LM138 supposed to have 0.0 - 0.2% diffirence with a worst case max 0.4 duno any other , however the bigger capacitor you add to input the more accurate output it gives ... btw how can a circuit be so strict in power suply ? most components are not so acurate anyway ? it is a reference voltage ?
  6. plouf

    I'M Lost!

    firstly i heavily recoment too to use mozilla /firefox ;) if you inist on IE however is this http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;281679 the solution to your problem ?
  7. where are you all ? btw since srv,irc,gr is not always the best for connections outside of greece prefer one of these depending on your location elli.irc.gr , virginia.irc.gr or jerseyirc.gr (USA) phobos.irc.gr (UK) styx.irc.gr (Germany) cyprus.irc.gr (Cyprus)
  8. i found these http://www.irf.com/product-info/datasheets/data/irf830.pdf i i understand correct it can accept up to 4.5 Amps and 500Volts and i make this quickly on proteus simulator i think it works OK i.e max voltage on mosfet (on lamp off) = about 305V and with a lamp with a 450 ohm resistane needs 0.48 amps ( its a 100Watt lamp correct ?)
  9. hello i am selling my old sprint-layout ORIGINAL CD-rom 22 euro + shipment for outside European Union it is a cheap and user-friendly pcb-designer for pc generates gerber files , BMP,exelon it has minor differnces with version 4 (autorouter in ver4 is not as in eagle. only connect one wire per time and not very smart) more info http://www.abacom-online.de/uk/html/sprint-layout.html
  10. thanks for your notes 1) yes it has pulses its not alterante i miunderstood it last time (my english are bad) 2) that i was asking from the first time . a mosfet inside thiese specs 3) its not the optocoupler i use and there is offcourse more circuit for led . its a AVR with dac and transistor controlling led that reason 1 i wand to avoid sine generator (complicated) 4) hmmm another idea what about two SCR reverced intead of mosfet and no diode bridge , so half of period (positive) will heat SCR 1 ,negative period of pulse SCR 2 ? better one ;) any SCR with load of 1-2A in its specifications
  11. are you sure its a pn3906 and not 2n3906 ?
  12. i was thinking this one no ac no pulse just controlled amplification
  13. i was thinking about that in for lamp... and since you confirm it i will go for "normal" ones the idea is to use a diode bridge so no AC the project i am working on supposed to dimm normal lamps so an absolute maximun i guess 80 or 100 watt at 220v or less = about 0.5A if i am not wrong i have think on connect it in series with lamp and via its gate control the light
  14. hello i am looking for a mosfet or any transistor able to drive about 1A the idea is to use it powering a lamp does anyone knows any ? and does anyone knows if there is anyware a table or somethink for transistors ,moseft,darliongton bipolar etc with specifications ? somethink like eca books ?
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