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  1. :)if you are looking at the tran sistor testor i posted some time ago in the forums somewhere it operates by shorting out the  leds or something like that , im no exspert in the technicle exsplanations thing but biuld it, if it works its good enougth

  2. :)the timeing wheel rotates clock wise. , heres a very good picture of the other jar with the short silver electrodes in it and brewing colliodal silver , the jar is to big for the short electrodes , but when i tested it out it worked fine and dispite the electrodes being so short and not useing a shorter jar it dosent make any difference to me , as ive brewed and tested my colliodal silver batches and theyve come out great


  3. :)here is the timer it can be programed to turn on or off an any time in a 24 hour peoriod, ive highlighted in black some details and the timer wheel rotates clock wise and ive set this one up to turn off after half and hour  by plugging this little plastic pin thin into the holes between the 1 and 2


  4. the latest batch of electronically made colliodal silver , i made useing this time . magnetized diggers brand demineralized water , which i magnetized for 2 days the water was now super clear and the resulting batch i made in exactly one hour as i timed it , had a reading of 9ppm  and a taste so beautifull i could only compare it to a 4 or 5ppm  which is very odd . ive brewed 6ppm batchs that you can taste the silver ions in them ok but this one is 9ppm and is tastelless  of silver ions  and yet it tastes beautifull, somehow

  5. heres a picture of that colliodal silver makeing circuitin the circuit box is the rectifier circuit and fillter capacitor and then the constant current circuit  and i just added an led and the resister to limit its current and i got a 2.1 volts drop so now the output is 33.1 volts and the current which is close to 1ma is .2 under it so thats not bad for a circuit without a regulator circuit and it made a lovely clear tasteing full jar of colliodal silver in that hour and 15 miuniutes . no need for a timer just grab one of thoses electrical aplience timers you plug into your wall ac socket and rotate the timer wheel and after the set time it will automatically switch off


  6. :)with the 24 volts ac transformer and a simple recifyer circuit with filter capacitor , i was getting a higher voltage output up to 37.0 volts no load but when i run that to the constant current circuit that users the lm334z component that looks identicle to a transister , i then got between 36.8 volts and 37.0 volts and 38.1 volts. looks like because i dident use any regulator circuits the voltage varys slightly but the constant current circuit tha i used from the net was suposed to be 3.9ma but i decided to make sure its low, well i made sure its now 1 milliamps  which is lower thatn it was suposed to be  so i now got more than 30 volts but 1milliamps i made up the resisters to get about that, from which i calculated useing the electyronics 2000 calculater and i solderd them in temporarily and tested exactly 1milliamps not bad hey so i then trimmed the resister legs at the ends of the 3 peace resister chain i made to get it right then solderd it in permanently , but then after that i measured it again and the current was now a perfect 0.98 milliamps close enougth so i then rigged it up to the silver electrodes and give it a run  for one hour and 15 miniutes  and  useing my laser i was getting a great tyndal effect very shortly after turning it on  and my first reading on the ppm meter was 2 then  after while at about 15 past the hour , thats 1 hour 15 miniutes i measured it again and got the converted 6ppm on the meter , the reading is identical than all my other 6ppm batchs that i made useing the 12 volts lead acid cell battery powerd colliodal silver generaters, now heres the strange part it tastes a lot more better , dispite the identical ppm readings  as the rest and i cant exsplain it . ? so if there is a magical batch with the magical properties maybe i found it who knows for sure , and ive used the same disatlled water as the rest and its from the same bottle to. so why dose it taste 10 times better . hmmm

  7. they spoke english to me but it was a female vioce recording reading out zeros and ones , whic i reckoniza as binary coded decimels as features in the forrest mims iii mini engineers note book , to others it means nothing unlless your a computer when it would be easyer for them to ring and speak english  or just ring me directly  so the female vioce recording was speaking in ways that is was not ment  to be

  8. today i reaceaved a number of mystery calls , a female vioce recording tells me i have 2 vioce messages, it then starts reading out binary coded decimals to me , thats ones and zeros , i do not have the corect phone nor do i have any setup to dechipher vioce codes in english so unlless this vioce thinks im a pc then it should be feeding me the sqeeling niose like as if you ring a fax by error and get that pc fax signal  but it tells me in english all these ones and zeros as if it thinks im a code breaker and can workk out these things in my head , i dont know what it is but a few calls to telstra bigpond has failed to solve the mystery  they did say i can if i had the right phone setup  i can receave and send these vioce messagers but then thats why we have anserwing machines  so can anyone figure it out

  9. :)oh i forgot to mention  i did pour a bottle of the over strong batcxh of the colliodal silver onto the shower floor , gee it did something great  the shower floor looks alot cleaner and the traces of black mould in between the tiles on the shower floor is all gone , its clean this stuff must be more than just an industrial strength  body detoxifying cleaner , its great for  tile floor cleaning to by the looks of it  ?

  10. :)more colliodal silver batchs made ok it seems that if its right to drink and tastes ok its a week batch and if it tastes strong and metalic like the silver ion count would be higher and so it be a good ide to reuduce the intake of it  and when i brew some for a shorter time it tastes ok  but its when you make colliodal silver for longer, thats when it seems to taste stronger , so maybe you could dilute the stronger stuff with, maybe some more of the same demineralized water to get the taste right was my geuss , and when i go  to put some more demineralised water in the empty jar to brew up some more colliodal silver  i decided to do the tyndal test and beleave it or not i get a great tyndal effect , when ive only just turned it on , makeing me wonder if there was any microscopic silver particles on the inside surface of the jar , left from the previous batch , iether that or the demineralised water allready has some colliodal silver in it , or my circuit i use is darm fast , at makeing colliodal silver , with some of the strong tasteing batch i made i put it into and empty pump spray spritzer bottle and sparayed some inside my mouth where i had a little sore ulcer i think it was , even though the batch was a bit horribly strong in taste it sure healed what sore it was in 2 days or less

  11. :)the colliodal silver generator circuit by bruce k stunulson and the discontinued constant currewnt adaptor i made, i decided to give it the full test last night for a few hours but then i wasent getting any silver particles  in the lazer beam when i do the tyndel test so i left it on all night till the morning then i checked it and it was great . like i was told the longer it takes to make it the better so this seems to be the case, the constant current circuit jioned to the silver generater works great and there was no biuldup on the electrodes only the grey electrode turning grey  and the particles must of been really microscopic to  which means they will obsorb into the body better , now ive made another colliodal silver batch and with the simple circuit that uses the lm334z i left it runing for 2and a half hours and i got a good batch of colliodal silver from that , and useing the key chain lazer power supply to power my keychain lazer really shows a great tyndal effect to . i will use that small circuit with the other colliodal silver maker to get the right current output as thats the one with the buzzer in it as the current out i think is to high so ill intergrate that lm334z with it

  12. heres the latest , a half hour  relay timer circuit for the colliodal silver generater circuit , this is a simple one and works ok , even when the relay gets a bit warm. i first made it on the bread board and the resister i did use a 20k resister and the electrolytic capacitor was 100uf , and it gave me 29 miniutes b efore the relay turned off so when i made the printed circuit board version useing the same parts from the bread board, it was a different storey,  then it gave me a few seconds before the relay turned off, so if it works on the bread board it dosent nessisarily mean its gona work in the printed circuit board version . so i made some changes  i changed the resister to 3m3 and the electro to 470uf and geuss what i got exactly half an hour before the relay turned off , so depending on the quality of water you use for the colliodal silver generater and the size of the glass jar and the distance the electrodes are, apart you can make a resaonable batch in half an hour as thats how long it took i think for our locally brought colliodal silver to be made


  13. with every colliodal silver generator circuit a timer with relay is nessisary so that after a set time the colliodal  silver generator will shut off . , and  after some hours of exsperimenting ive come up with a 29 miniutes timer that shuts the closed contact relay off after 29 miniutes . i wanted exactly 30 miniutes but i guess this may do , the details will be posted soon . my exspert advice is the longer it takes you to make a good batch of colliodal silver the better it is and half an hour is just the begining so latter ill  reduce the current output and increase the time of the circuit operation ,  ive posted my order off today for a tds ,ppm meter so ill be able to know how much parts per millionth of silver i got in the water then .

  14. :)i dident have better emoticons niether did i have a a save option to save any if i remeber ok, and i dident have the nudge thing to use in it like i do with msn7.5 as this nudge is a good way of letting someone know, you are trying to chat to them especially if they are not at there pc , or nearby

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