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  1. :)i tested that little constant curent, circuit out by runing the inputs directly to my lead acid cell rechargeble battery which is between the 1 to 40s volts needed for that circuit, the 12 volts was ok and the outputs i ran directly to my pure silver electrodes , and left it runing for a few hours and after that i used my keychain lazer power supply with lazer to test for the tyndal effect, which is the microscopic silver particle reflections when they pass through that lazer beam . you can see the particles reflect the lazer light when they pass through the lazer beam .
  2. heres another circuit found on the net for a constant current source for a colliodal silver generator, i change the 47 ohm,s to a 43 ohms for 3ma output
  3. thats where i got the circuit from that has the ISS108 diode in it
  4. :)i use msn mesenger and its great to chat to people in it
  5. :)thankyou ante great to hear from you after all this time
  6. thankyou hot water wizard its great to hear from you again :)
  7. i apolisise for the error in the part number its got a 1 in the number not i
  8. heres the circuit that part is in , can anyone tell me how much current it outputs
  9. :)i did a google serch for information on this part and all i got was one page and everything i clicked on reqierd me to be a memeber or register and one page cannot be found and another the manufacter detail button dident work so can anyone here go better and give me the information on this part without the hassels , i get from trying to find out about it from sites that dont serve to well, information for parts
  10. steven


    :)cheers for electronics lab good on ya guys .
  11. :)here they are the last lot i got from tanys electronics years ago any more i dont have they dident have them as they may of sold out, being so popular. i did have the full collection years before when liveing in queensland australia.
  12. :)i dont have them on pc i have the radio shack books by forrest mims the 3rd all mini engineers note books my favourite one is the sensor projects and i liked the comunications one but that wasent around anymore since i brought the books again , it wasent there with the others i like the science projects to ill upload the pictures of them soon
  13. :)the science and comunication projects i used to have that and all the rest but now i have them again except the science and comunications projects book as its no longer arount to get here not for many years now
  14. hm good idea kangaroo burgers fried roos as in kangaroos
  15. :)heres some more of the missing parasite zapper circuits
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