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  1. :)here is the jar with the 2 pure silver electrodes in it, my exspert advice was to start at 2mm apart so i drilled 2x 2mm holes through the top plastic lid of this coffe jar and then i used a flatt plastic peace of pvc, the same stuff i use to make circuit boxes from and all kinds of handy things . i used a pair of calipers to mark 2 spots for the holes, at 2mm apart and drilled the holes so i can slip it over the top of the electrodes. this allso steadys them to , and after that i sliped some black wire insulation from a black electrical wire to steady them even more. i repeated the same for the electrodes under the lid to steady them but in this case to keep them 2mm apart
  2. with the printed circuit version of the latest colliodal silver generator i made from a circuit found on the net , i decided to give it a brief test but not useing my pure silver electrodes , now this is just the colliodal silver makeing part , without the ac input so i just ran it to my 12 volts lead acid cell battery and it works but the buzzer comes on ok but very low in volume so ill try next useing a dc output plug in power supply transformer with an output voltage closer to the maximin voltage rateing of the timer maybe the buzzer will sound louder then. i bridge the 2 matrix pins to close it for 10ppm and i installed a reset switch to reset the circuit so the buzzer will go off. and i then shorted the outputs together to simiulate
  3. i made the colliodal silver generater separate from the 120 v ac power input as i wanted to try run it on batteries
  4. :)well at least we got to the bottom of it , hey mixos long time no hear great to hear you again
  5. :)i receaved an email notification of reply to topic , with audio gurus name in it but clicking on the link to view it ,took me to a spot that siad it canot find the page , so i went into the topic from another way only to find that there is no reply to topic by audio guru and trying to leave him a personal member was only met with something saying it canot find audio guru . its like his details to leave him a personale message has been wiped so you cant leave a message to anyone by the looks of it and you receave email replies to topics by people who dident reply to topics , mixos i hope yous can fix these technicle problems . sounds like the hackers are at it again ,
  6. :)heres a short cut to a topic i posted relateing to a colliodal siver generator i found on the net , its ac powerd but i separated the ac circuit as its 120 ac input . in australia we have 240 volts ac at 50 hz and i want to get the actual voltage input to the colliodal silver circuit section itself so i can dig through my dc output transformer collection and see what i got that i can use to power it with , the pizio buzzer is around 3 volts as the actual circuit dident say what voltage it was so i threw that in to see if it goes when i get the corect power supply for it http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=7351.0
  7. click on square at top right corner you may have enlarged page to much , or ya pc screen is big or swollen up from the pc flue, lol, when ya solder part hold solder tip against part leg and erea where solder has to flow so they both get equally heated for the solder to take to , then continiuity test the jiont and leg and trax so you know they are in conduction still if not then the leg of component is not haveing the solder sticking to it to well and youll notice a tiny sink hole and the part leg will easily pull out of it when the solder is not takeing to it to well then the part wont conduct from the solder so make sure the leg of the part is clean to and reheat the solder so it will stick to it
  8. :)heres the link to the topic that goes with this topic. http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=7325.0
  9. :)i beleave it them i used that same parasite zapper design to delay the serverity of the pain i had before i got my apendix removed , oneday i suddenly got this pain in the erea of my apendix so i zapped it and it went away, for agers then oneday it come back and i dident zapp it again as the prototype was out of order due to dried solderd jionts etc ,
  10. :)if you have the trimpot adjusted right and the timer has the square wave output then you would feel nothing yet unlless ya have the coper pipe electrodes close together on ya skin . it helps to miosten ya hands to so the current can flow easyer i gave myself a zapp after drinking colliodal silver .gee you can feel it ennergize ya body good to
  11. :)never herd of a hacker who takes or wipes out pictures or information, ever being able to put them back again, if they did it would be a world first
  12. :) to the hackers who stole or wiped out any of my pictures , lets see ya put them back if ya can
  13. heres some of them but others i cant seem to find in all my papers but will add them again when i find any
  14. :)to anyone who reads this topic , hackers have wiped out all the pictures in this topic so ill re do them and get them back in when i can find them to do the pictures of , from printouts which hackers cannot wipe out .from there pc
  15. :)its ok audio guru i use 12 volts lead acid cell rechargeble batteries im glad ya pionted that out .so the bruce stenulson circuit has to many volts input well good thing i like the batteries better i could improve the circut tracks layout some more , ive order my pair or pure silver electrodes today from silverwell generator in south australia , and they are i think suposed to be thicker gauge to so when i get them ill be doing some tests and modifications so i can make the colliodal silver , myself and partner and mother are takeing colliodal silver brought from someone and its working great allready and beyound my exspectations
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