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  1. the circiut seems to be doing ok now and its working now, its sensitive to the spark from my pizeo electric ignitor in my cigerrette lighter at close rang but responds to a flourescent light globe from even thurther away but not an ellement globe with the tungston element in it , and it seems to be selective in what it can sense so im going to do some more tests to find out what it can really do  as for the electric spark ignitor on the stove here it wont sense it unlless its a cigerrette lighter spark pizeo elctric type  which is strange  and even touching the ereal on it by tapping it with my finger makes the led blink to more tests to go yet . im looking forward to seeing what else it can really do now .

  2. :)this ghost detector circiut is one our of 2 i found on the net now they say its sensitive but but it dosent respond any more sensitive as my not so sensitive lightening bolt detector circiut  dose and thats when i test it out useing my cigerette lighter spark , can someone make this thing much more sensitive  or upgrade the circiut so its at it maximiun  sensitivity. all the ceramics are 10nf and the ic is a lm324 type


  3. :) ive seen this the gibs setup for his resonater thing he uses his own body as part of the circiut like putting his finger of hand on this plate thing or other  it looks more like an electronic mind stimiulater and you notice he hasent vanished into time yet  otherwise he wont be seen on youtube  even though i havent seen his videos yet ive read about him agers ago

  4. well seem that they call  it a joule thief battery charger i decided to put it to the test and it sure dose charge up button cells  now we know that if you over charge them to much to the piont they get to hot they may explode but i timed it so it dont get that far and it works  for tiny button cells a just a few seconds say 2 to 3 thats all  and i have the pot set  so its output is at its lowest for that circiut  even though the measurements say its still high  a few seconds is all it takes but other button cells if they have anything wrong inside id say maybe it fixing it so i wait till they start to get warm and then i stop and then i check the flatt button cell on a smaller joule thief and find its like its been not just recharged but maybe rejuvenated to.  my watch battery is still working in my watch since ive recharged it and i have the date and time i recharged it so when it finally gets flatt again ill know how good it is then as i expect this battery to have a longer life or maybe last longer .

  5. :) straight from a youtube video i got the circiuts to biuld it here it is i redrew it  simplified so i can biuld it easyer to , the guy who made this says he has blown over ten multimeters to when taking measuremenets of this circiut but ive had no problems yet, well i did cook a tranny but  i biult this from the schematics before i realized about needing the heatsink but its ok  it dosent hardly get hot


  6. i took some pictures with my handy cam but since then i reused my other digital camera which i used before to upload high quality pictures here so heres another one and it works ive even recharged  over half a dozen button cells to and saved over $19 haveing to buy a new battery for my watch to , and ive even charged a 2200uf electrolytic capacitor  50 volts over charged to 71 volts to but i just have to get the timeing right to , hope this works again after all this time , note the 12 volts globe at front is  modified  to house my neon globe, and it took a fast 3 seconds to recharge my tiny watch battery to .



  7. :)have just poped in after a long absensce i dont know if anyones posted it  but as intresting as they are and very handy is the joule thief circiut i have biult from schematics on youtube and been experimenting with them so ill share what circiuts ive collected


  8. :)im suprized to see some of my old postings to the high voltage stuff section agers ago that was gone one day is now back , and i thought hackers deletd it  or maybe it was a bot of a cleanup so to save space some was removed , but it was great to see them again .

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