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  1. :).thankyou for the reply audio guru , yesterday i tested a car battery charger as a power supply for extracting hydroxy gas from water and it dose ok , i need more current boost or output so im planing to try one of those current boosters at the outputs to increase gas production , so far the best one is the flyback driver circiut with the inductor near the input , the other flyback driver that has the black inductor i just threw it in to see what gives , and between the irfp450 n channell mosfet and the 2n3055 tranny i used in that same circiut when i made the modifications to use these trannys , i think the 2n3055 may have the edge after all

  2. :)here is a picture i took off my pc monitor of my hydroxy gas test, i videoed it then played it on my pc then slowed it down and stoped it when the hydroxy gas ignited, i cant upload the video so this is the only way i can do it , the orange colourd pe pipe lite up yellow as if the yellow light from the hydroxy gas was penetrateing it like an x ray allso the white screw on cap to and the clear tube you can see the yellow flame , this made the hydroxy generator jump and the sound was like  what sounds like a thud sound or something like a slilencer on a gun you see on movies


  3. very intresting in fact i once saw a movie on dvd some time ago called white niose and the man listens to it and he picks up vioce comunications through the white niose even on the tv  i listen to white niose through my gravity wave detectors, which i posted in the forums here before , and ive allso been useing the expstudio audio editor to record them with, the studio audio editor can be downloaded free from the net, this has a range of filters you can use to filter what you receave through my gravity wave detectors and there is one signal that im waiting to record but so far its been comeing in when i havent got my gravity wave detector set up to the pc with the expstudio audio editor runing but while monitoring the white niose bband as i call it i have receaved  an extra loud short bursts of white niose comeing over the low  sounding white niose band a few times and find this very strange

  4. :)heres the latest of my flyback driver type hydroxy gas generator power supply that i modified to use a npn 2n3055 power transistor ,  remove the 100 ohms 1/2 watt resistor and re install the 300 ohms resistor , mine was a 300 ohms 1/2 waqtt resistor with a 1/4 watt size body, then remove the power tranny and this time instead of installing the small irf540 mosfet or 640 or 740, types use a large type irfp450 like in one of the other different flyback drivers i used before , the mosfet doent get hot like the 2n3055 tranny dose and it makes more bubbles and even more atomized vapours that i tested and it makes a small flame burn bigger and better , in fact the flame separated from the cigarrette lighter i used and nearly stayed alite for a few seconds longer ,  as if the vapours was keeping it going by itself for a short time


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