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    are you refering to electro-magnetic pulse, emp for short.
  2. suraj i cant bleave they use that discusting name, ha ha ha ha , for a thing relateing to intergrated circuits
  3. :)in these latest pictures, ive been busy decorateing these circuit boxes , with green pvc cut from green colourd storm water pipes, about the thickness of a match stick, all of the pvc i used to make my home made circuit boxes are about the thickness of a match stick or just under. in the pictures the bottom circuit box is yet yet to be dressed up and other ones sitting on top of my wardrobe to. thr green pvc i used to dress up my circuit boxes sure makes the knobs and ic stand out really good.
  4. :)i apoligise for the poor picture. ill redo i5t soon and post it. the light activated relay on the left i biult it, and it responds to infrared pulses from a tv remote and video remote, hence infrared remote controll tester. and can bu used to rapidly switch dc into a transformer in reverse mode for a high voltage arc display
  5. :)my exsperiments are going good the erea of the skin with a freckle on it , that formed into a small scab after treating it with this circuit, i accidently knoked the scab off and under it there was just a light pink spot where the skin is healing and the freckle completely gone.
  6. :)audio guru the truth is out there
  7. i cant figure out why there aint no op amps dispite what the page says at the top
  8. i apoligise any op amps if there are, must be some where else on the same page .
  9. :)i hope this comes up alright ,if anyone has kodack easy share you can use the zoom features in it to zoom in to get a clear view
  10. :)here is a really good picture of my large resistor colour code chart
  11. :)the 74ls193, is operational amplifier. 74ls low power schottkey series [positive 5 volts supply]. the 74ls195 synch 4 bit u/d counter dual clock . acording to my catalouge here
  12. steven

    PC OSC

    :)ive herd about this before about converting your computer or useing it as am osciloscope. ill do some searching if i find anything ill report back
  13. :)poonam , black rectifier diodes have silver band marking the negative end .1n914 and 1n4148 diodes are red or pink colour and have a black band at one end marking the negative end . and i have a diode looking component with blue band in middle, its a diac as for zener diodes i have grey with black band at one end .and i have yellow ones with black band at one end , to me the colours mean nothing but the details or numbers on the side when i check them up tells me what voltage rateings they are etc etc
  14. hotwater wizard i arsk for nothing but i give to those who who may seek more information, or that little bit of extra knowledge.
  15. :)audio guru i enjoy your replies its really entertaining i reckon its good for electronics lab. i get a laugth out of this
  16. :)ante i sure hate to get zapped by that
  17. :)top left near line is 20 amp fuse. the bridge rectifier is ,600 volts, 25 amps. top right output is positive 350 volts output the 2 electrolytic capacitors in sieries on the right are each 200 volts at 4700uf
  18. :)in the circuit above the the 2 diodes on the top left next to the 18 volts positive input, part number rs 276-1101. the resistor on the right near it is 150k on the far right nextr to output is 480 ohms 1/2 watt resister and under it is a 10 uf tantulum capacitor near that to the left is 5.6k resister with red led and earth .on the right hand side of the 20k trimmer is 70k resister.capacitor at pin 5 is 0.01uf 25 volts polycapacitor between pin 5 and 6 is 2200p. tune the trimmer for 2128 hz.
  19. :)in the poor quality scanned image the 2sc indicates that the transister is a high frenquency npn type . b-japeneese [EIA] or american[EIA] c- the transistor application and whether it is an npn or pnp type. 2n-transistor,FET,SCR,or triac. 2SA-TRANSISTOR,HIGH FRENQUENCY TYPE,PNP TYPE 2CB-TRANSISTOR, LOW FRENQUENCY, PNP TYPE. 2SC-TRANSISTOR, HIGH FRENQUENCY , TYPE. 2SD-TRANSISTOR, LOW FRENQUENCY, NPN TYPE. 2SJ-FET, P CHANNEL. 2SK-FET, N CHANNEL. 3SK-MOSFET, N CHANNEL. 3N-MOSFET, DUAL TRIACS. 4N-OPTO DEVICES. by looking at the transistor number, you can determine if it operates at a certain frenquency and whether it is pnp or npn type. the suffix letter after the last number indicates an improvement over another transistor. note that the b or c suffix letter aftre the number indicates a much superior transistor than the letter a. if no numbers are found on the transistor, measure the supply voltage on the transistor, determine what type of circuit the transistor works in, whether it is high or low frenquency, and if it is small, medium ,or large power by the use of the transistor case.
  20. ill try get this circuit done better
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