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  1. :)ante i have got a strobe flasher circuit around but it stoped working after it fell off the shelf a while ago, the most exspensive part on it was the intergrated circuit. i havent botherd to try and fix it yet, just to busy with other ideas, but i did mofify a camera flash unit , by takeing out the 330 volts hv capacitor and adding 2 diodes and a 47uf 350 volts electro, and a mercury switch. and with the flash unit circuitry i was able to charge the electro up just the same and with a push button switch i dump, the voltage right into an ignition coil and got got arcs from that but even with the bolt in the hv output i was getting arcs fly from one terminal and right around the top insulated hv output right to the return the arcs was suposed to come from the top hv out to the negative return but somehow the positive input was acting as a hv output and arcing right around the insulation to the return. the mercury switch was to dump the charged electro voltage when i turn it off, the voltage into the mercury switch would make a muffeld pop and thus shorting out the electro charge, and allso breaks the metal mercury into tiny grey balls that wont combine back to gether any more after a while , ;)

  2. here are the latest pictures of the latest high voltage output ignition foil driver unit in my latest home made pvc circuit box , in this one ive included the 12 volts led indicater circuit to indicate 12 volts input, allso my latest home made ignition coil holder with the coil , and the latest high voltage polarity indicator circuit/ voltage optimizer as i call it , useing microwave oven diodes and an ignition coil driver circuit , and reverse polarity indication circuit , all inetergrated into the whole thing, now the hv return is not being used and this has 2 different hv arc outputs . , the coils positive hv runs into the high voltage modified polarity indicater circuit/hv optimizer, and it s arc is out puted from the second hv polarity indicater/ optimizer, which i normally use as the antanae return . and at the top section of the hv polarity indicater circuit is the second hv output at different potential, now at the front of the circuit box is 2 terminals which should be red but i put red and black as i dident have a second red terminal to use. this exsperimental circuit i beleave works by on the body capacitance thing and the only place the arc will shoot to is my finger, so ill be useing this to exsperiment with , its like a high volatge parasite zapper , but i have some exsperiments to try this on and im confident of finding new ideas for this


  3. audio guru whos kaboto never herd of him i collected these circuits with thousands of others from all aover the net and even had heaps sent to me by my email pal contact. on the other side of australia. it was said theres a fenquency for all deseases and bad viruses you just have to find the right one to neutralize it or eradicate it . youll find the info for these under hulda clark zappers. etc etc

  4. :o youll need a soleniod these can be used in electric door locks your vioce activated switch can be used to switch the soleniod. thus unlocking the door or unlocking it , search for soleniod swicthing circuits

  5. :) thanks hot water wizard and audio guru its a nice pastic box with metal pannel at front with the 2 leds and switch the circuit box has the leads runing out the top end for the base ,emmitter and collector. so with the push down clips its easy to attach to the transister legs . at the top end of the plastic circuit box where the wires run out, the b for base and e for emmitter and c for collector are there so youll know which wires with the push clips go to what legs of the transister.

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