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  1. :)heres another circiut identical to the other and the 100uh inductor costs only just over $3 each at jaycar electronics and the brown colourd greencap they are cheap for 68nf , and the sf 67 super fast diodes i got from world wide electronics in perth western australia where i am so when they finnally got some in i orderd some , so now with 2 identical circiuts all i need to do is make another simple hydroxy generator and channell the 2 gas outputs from both into one and get twice as much gas and flow so then i can design a larger comppression tank for it
  2. more more more. ill be watching your postings for more pictures and updates
  3. :)hey hanker 886 sorey for the long delay in replying i was off the net for a break while i biuld my credit up so im back for another few weeks .i used a 12 volts seald lead acid cell battery to power it i have more up dates and pictures of the bright yellow gas flame from igniting the hydroxy gas and allso some video footage it it burning to heres the latest picture of the tank and high voltage arc ignition , i modified the low pressure gas tank from my big hydroxy gas plant i made which i put aside for the time being and have modified it so the hydroxy gas flows out in a better concentration from the hydroxy gas comppression and holding tank the tank i modified is now a bubbler tank to aviod flash backs and ignition test tank to the brass electrode i used for the high voltage goes into a hole in the side of the upside down plastic thunnel i inserted into the top section of the tank before i sealed it in and the high voltage arc return is the wire and bolt in the alliuminium thunnell. combustion chamber i used and ive added an exstension arc wire after the picture was taken, to encourage the arc to go to the wire and not the top edge of combustion chamber so the gas will pas through the arc better and hopefully ignite . so the gas output tube from the hydroxy gas generator can now be run directly to the comppression and holding tank , then the gas input is shut off and the other tap turned on. then the gas will run to the bottom of the bubbler tank through the one way bycical tube valve and then through the water and out the top metal chamber and the electrodes and wires for the arc are tapped directly to the high voltage output of my multi ignition coil , which is powerd by a simple driver circiut , then i can watch the gas being ignited
  4. :)i pourd some of that blue water onto my unhealthy looking aloe vera plant its looking better now , the plant is putting up with the heat of the day better now and its leaves are more better looking than before
  5. :) heres some close ups of the circiut so you can see the tracks through the top of the board matches the circiut board design
  6. :)here is the printed circiut board design i drew up some time ago for that circiut .this is what you see through the top of the board so the design is easy to trace onto a coper board through carbon paper ,the letter I is for the inductor wire, the other end goes to near the output allso marked with a letter I. the letter L represents tinned coper wire links , or jumper .the 2x Z1 12 volts zener diodes the 10 resistors are 1/4 watt the other 2 x 470 ohms are 1 watts the sf67 diodes can be brought at jaycar electronics in the 10 pack for just under $10 and the trannys are at world wide electronics , allso the other 2 diodes to.
  7. :) if trying to make this circiut for the use of makeing hydroxy gas, the sf67 diodes which aint in the circiut schematics , was only put in to block the reverse voltage from the flyback or something like that, and so i think you dont need them if useing this for the electrolysis stuff . mur4100e diodes are used in the circiut thats the fast diode . but even though the transistors have some kind of biult in protection diode the sf67 diodes may be used for extra protection ill upgrade that circiut schematic to include the changes to make it easyer to biuld by
  8. :) ulike my other hydroxy gas generator power supply which created gas ok but not fast enougth to overcome the elasticity of the balloon and inflate it under pressure , here is the latest , of the flyback driver circiut being used to create gas at a faster rate , it was so effective it even inflated the balloon more than the other power supply did and concidering the elasticity of the balloon i got enougth pressure from the gas output to inflate the balloon more so now i have to design a bigger hydroxy tank for storeing more gas that is created at a faster rate
  9. you can see by the amount of dust on the board which i forgot to clean off , how long its been sitting in my projects draw
  10. :) one end of the inductor is solderd to the board , the other which was ment to run allso to the flyback transformer i ran it to the positive output
  11. ill try powering this with the adjustable output of my hydroxy gas power supply latter i reckon ill get really great gas output, heres the circiut again , its in the tesla downunder site to
  12. if i remeber ok i was told when i was given the prototpye circiut for this, that is was a push pull type circiut and this is ideal for makeing hydroxy gas faster with so im glad i had a printed circiut board version i made useing some of the salvaged parts from the messy prototpye.
  13. :)heres a more simpler to make faster power supply for getting faster hydroxy gas output. before i shock yous i was given this little messy looking pototype flyback driver which allso has a bottle capacitor some time ago all i had to do was make the small tesla coil which its ment to power, but i never had the matierial for the coil so i threw it in my projects draw, soon after that i decided to salvage the irfp460 trannys from it which was used in place of the originals trannys which was in the circiut allso found on the net , so i decided to try it on my hydroxy gas generator but it dident go so i made a small modification now it goes faster than my other power supply dose , i ran a wire from the inductor which was originally ment to go to the flyback transformer , to the positive output and it worked great and made gas faster than my other one , and even though its ment to run off a car battery which i reckon youll get better reactions ,i ran it from one of my small 12 volts lead acid cell batteries and i left the top off my hydroxy gas generator and it went so fast i though it was gona over flow with the water in it and bubles and mist , i posted this circiut some time back in the high voltage stuff section so it should still be there
  14. just click on the picture and see the big bubles under the 2 electrolytes,
  15. :)thankyou audio guru , i replied before but then half way through posting the page went down and i got the page cannot be found or something like that , for a good amount of larger bubles of gas from water , you can use a 2200 uf electro as an electrode pry open the bottom can and put it in the water mix, thats demineralized water with its bi carb soda and make sure it aint all submerged then run the wire to it from my power supply and see bigger and faster bubles come out of the capacitor as if the electrolyte solution in the capacitor seems to be acting as a catalyst. i used a small measureing glass and it was a bit to small as the water got hot so use something bigger , at first i used 2 electros but got better reaction from just one , and the positive and negative foil plates in the electrode was my pos and neg electrodes, heres a pic of the double one
  16. :) by useing the home made comppression tank to store more hydroxy gas into it i decided to retest the possible charge it held and used my moveing charge sensor and it dose read a charge of some kind, and when i set my digital multimeter to the low 200 milivolts range and then put one probe to the , gas input metal part of the bycical tube valve , and the other probe i touch it to the bottom of the tank which is non copnductive and i get a 1 to 4 millivolts reading even if i touch that probe to the top rubber to, so it looks like its charge or a pollarity of it is radiating out through the tank from inside . i get the same thing when i hold one probe to my high voltage ignition version capacitor charger to and the other i hold away at a close distance like an energy receaving antannae, if the gas being implosive in nature i can only emagine what happens to the charge in it as its implodeddd with the gas , you would exspect a heap of sparks but i get a cold flame that dosent burn or radiate heat that i could felt and very bright yellow flame with light
  17. notice the latest hydroxy gas pressure tank is inflated outwards at the top, thats the yellow rubber cut from a pair of cheap 69 cents rubber gloves , i filled that tank up with hydroxy gas after i made it and left it sitting over night , and it only went down a tiny bit , and its still domed out at the top so all i need to do is test that gas out to see if it still has any potency, my theory of the gas being charged , leaking away and makeing the amount of gas shrink may be out a little ill find out soon.
  18. jacobs ladder these are ok when powerd by the hot arcs from fylback transformers , look in the high voltage section carefully ive posted stuff that may help before .
  19. if anyone biulds the power supply and test it on iether of the simple hydroxy gas generators, the dial when you turn it you will get to a piont where you can hear inside , of the pipe by putting your ears up to it, the most bubleing you can here so play around with the dial to get the best performance , and when you make the simple hydroxy storage and pressure tank make sure you seal it well and varnish it to help seal any leaks, when you done this put some hydroxy gas or air into it and hold it under water, any bubles means you have a leak , when you fill the tank up with hydroxy gas it pays to fill it up till the rubber at the top bulges up then empty it out ti get rid of the air , same applys to when you fill a balloon up, the water seems to get pritty warm so in order to get it coooler ive made a taller simple hydroxy generator and hope that the extra water it can hold will keep it cooler , when i take the lid off when its runing i can hear it sounding more like its steaming than bubleing and i can see a fine mist comeing out to , heres the latest and the latest tank ive made to
  20. :) its the first time ive had this and ive used these diodes before
  21. :)monoman i cant remeber the details but the diode was 6 amps , any fat diode will do , once you cut them in half you wont be able to read its details then , looking forward to your next posts and when you get it done some pictures
  22. i rechecked it all and the hissing niose i get you can barely hear it ill replace the batteries when i get more ill get back to you then, thankyou audio guru, and hotwater wizard
  23. i just biult it on a bread board top test and it dident work i used an amp at the output and it made a hissing niose so low you can barely here it and it burnt out my 25k pot
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