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  1. Home made capacitor holders can be made even for microwave oven capacitors useing the same ideas to the homemade circiut project boxes i posted before. first if you want a microwave , oven capacitor holder .

    Cut a short length of pvc pipe , thin but with a diamerter large enougth to cut down one side and heated to soften it and bend it out and flatten it . look at the length of your microwave oven capacitor or any other capacitor like electro for which you want to make a holder for.

    With your flattend pvc pipe ready cut out a long rectangle shape with a steel saw blade secured by a handle not frame type. the rectangle should be long and less wider than the length of your capacitor . once you have done this sand the edgers smooth with any sand paper ,useing a pair of long nose pliers hold the pvc plastic over a stove flame and heat it evenly along it till its soft enougth to droop down then with your capacitor in hand and a pair of matierial work gloves .

    Put the soften pvc on top of the capacitor and mould it around the capacitor with your hands and hold it tight untill the plastic cools and goes hard and stays there. there you have it bent to shape around the capacitor bend the ends of pvc out for legs . you can bend both ends out and under the capacitor .

    When you' ve done that cut the ends of the pvc cap holder so they are the same on both sides of the capacitor then file the corners and round them off and drill one hole through each capacitor holder leg. so you can secure it with bolts to your project box etc etc. file the hole into an oval shape on one side so you can adjust the cap holder .

    The opisite side leave just a round hole for the bolt to goe through. steven [email protected]


  2. 8) Part 1

    To make your own circiut boxes, from pvc pipes,allso capacitor holders ,even microwace cap holders etc etc. first you will need to make the corect size base for the size of your circiut. you will need a meter length of thin pvc pipe, do not use thick as it will need to much heat and will easily burn if you over heat it. or turn yellow.

    Cut your pvc pipe to the length = to that of the project box you want to make. cut the pvc pipe down one side only then pry it open with your fingers,enougth so you can pry it open more when you heat it over a stove flame, of which will soften it enougth to bend open and out more.

    Reheat it under different sections till mits soft then flatten it out by throwing it onto floor and standing on it once you have it flattend out as flatt as possible cut the rectangle size you want from it. that will be your box base.

    Then with a few lengths of plastic corner moulding cut some peaces to make the base frame , then useing a mini high speed drill with small drill bit, drill holes through the held on frame sections and through the base ,then secure the frame peaces with small short screws, these will protrude inwards and will be caped off and concealed latter by the inner frame work .

    Once you have secured the base section frame cut from plastic corner moulding, then cut 4 sections of plastic moulding to make the corner frame work , as you are biulding this circiut project box from base up.

    Secure each corner leg frame with screws on each side of each corner, these screws will be removed latter to install the pvc panneling allso cut from heated and soften and flattened out pvc pipes , once you have done the corner frames then start on the top frame useing peaces of plastic corner moulding cut to length, and secure with small srews .

    Once you have done this and cut and fitted the last top frame work section made of plastic corner moulding cut to shape you can then start on the panneling.

    Using the same method you used to make the base part of the project circiut box, heat and flatten out the pvc pipe once youve cut it down one side. then drill it through the pannel and frame then secure with small screws if you remove one of the corner screws holding the framework together ,to screw on the pannel,you will still have a screw on the opiste side of the corner still keeping it in place till youve installed that panneling same applies to the top frame work .

    If the panneling is a bit long dont worry you can file it down to the square easy after youve made the box. then once youve done and secured all the panneling, cut peaces of plastic corner moulding and cap the inside frame work to conceal the small srews use super glue to hold the inner frame work inplace , the final section is the lid made the same as the base youll need a fair bit of scres for the lid ,thats the only disadvantage of the lid as if you have to remove it to do a circiut repair youll have to remove all these screws to get the lid off.

    But if you have an exsternal ic and tranny youll have an easy job to replace them as the ic will be on an ic socket mounted to an ic board of which protrudes out the front pannel through a small square hole filed into it. the ic socket pannel is held in place by 4 small screws with nuts . and the 2n3055 trany if your installing a high voltage output multi ignition coil driver unit you first secure a siutable size square heat sink to the rear outside of the pvc box with thin bolts .

    Then secure the tranny to it with bolts that stick outwards and are secureing the tranny with nuts. so you can remove it easyer holes are drilled through the rear pannel under the heat sink for the tranny legs wires to go through , dont worry about collecter as one of the two heatsink bolts is collecter and inside the box where the collecter bolt is there you can put a tab strip with your collecter wire runing to if you are useing this pvc box for an ignition coil driver circiut .

    The pvc box can be coated as many times as you like, inside to give it great hv insulation . steven [email protected]

    This is a section of pvc pipe cut down one side for heating over a stove flame enougth to soften it and flatten it out , to cut out the pannels for the plastic corner moulding, made framework,


  3. has anyone any information on the d975 and d965 transistor , and the b174 can type transistor, these were used in some photoflash units from cameras ive dismantled for studying . i know the d975 and 65 are japeneese made but i have no info on them niether can i find any. no one can help me as every place ive looked just about has no information on these transistors

  4. ;) These are simple to make for high voltage arcs from circiuts like high voltage ignition coil drivers . well the high voltage arcs from the coils, ive designed 2 so far and first, i cut 2 = lengths of pvc pipe with a diameter enougth to house the metal part of a house hold light globe.

    Then starting at the top edge of the pvc pipe wind a layer of wire not thin, then start winding till you get to the bottom,then drill a small hole and poke the wire through.

    At the top where it is wound sand any coating or insulation off then unwind it one wound and rewind it to contact the metal part of the house hold light globe used.

    Then with a small artist paint brush, brush a thin coating of wood glue over the globe, then if you have alliuminium fileings filed from a peace of alliuminium , sprinkle it over the globe and allow to dry, you can do this with coper silver or gold if you like .

    Once the glue is dried touch up any erea where you can see the glass or the light bulb through then sprinkle more fileings over it and allow to dry, this will make one high voltage discharge electrode. you will need to repeat these steps to make the second electrode [email protected]


  5. there is a simple transister tester i biult from a kit as handy as it is as a handy dandy peace of test gear , ive decided to biuld some myself , i have the decade counter tester, 4001 ic tester, 4011 ic tester, 555 and 556 ic tester and scr tester and reverse mode transformer tester . and 1458 ic tester and the 741 ic tester, and n channel mosfet tester, hv flyback transformer output tester, thats just some of it. [email protected]

  6. if you do like to try an alternative to the metal float of a feul system sender unit from a car feul tank modified to use as a water level indicater scratch the metal float and try plastic anything like but bigger than a ping pong ball would be a good replacrement for the metal float . christmass tree ball decorations may do, just remove the matierial covering it and whala a float. as for the arm being made of metal scratch that and your left with this thing thats your variable resistor . if any of this can be of use to you, as soon as i get a computer scanner ill email you some ideas in drawing and even throw in some circiuts to help you acomplish waht you seek that would be more satisfying to you [email protected]

  7. :) if your looking for a way to measure water levels you might want to try useing a small clean modified car feul level sender unit from a cars feul tank if it has an arm with float on it just varnish that tank and arm unit ., the rest you can use , just wire what ever circiut you have to it. you can modify the arm to tanl float to use for deeper water, with a bit of emagination and ideas you can get what you may seek

  8. It is very handy to have some good component testers around and ive biut some simple ones to make fault finding a breeze , especially for high voltage ignition coil driver circiuts and high voltage flyback driver circiuts etc etc. here is a list 555ic timer tester .

    Logic ic tester includea 4001 and 4011 just plug them in and push button to test. allso the 1458 ic tester and 741 ic tester and n channel mosfet tester and more , when you dazel into electronics its very handy to have a good supply of testers around .

    I have even build a simple scr testor, this uses a 12 volts auto indicater flasher unit . and the same idea i use as a reverse mode transformer pulse circiut tester to test transformers in reverse mode, tthis puts out one pulse then after that the second kickback pulse from the transfromer output this comes from the colapsing magnetic feild in the 12 volts auto indicator flasher unit coil.

    You will find these handy dany flasher units at any wreakers or car parts place or in your own car [email protected]

  9. The ignition coil driver circiuts are intresting to but with some modifications to the 12 volts auto ignition coil . and re routing the inputs and hv return efectively gives you more distance between the inputs and hv out this is nessiary in order to preven arcovers , the igntion coil driver circiut itself i biult prototypes easy to fix and with external ic timer and transistor makes it a breeze to repair in the case of a fault . the boxing these are housed in are made from pvc pipes and corner moulding .

    My first experiment was a poor mans plasma tube but the best was a simple pencil held to one brass electrodes that put out arcs so thin i was able to cleanly burn clean holes in my skin with virtually no pain at all although the 2n3055 transistor never got hot i was doing good runing a parralell modified 12 volts auto ignition coil unit from the driver circiut to and hope to soon conduct other experiments to share with anyone intrested.

    For anyone wanting to know what use could i get from burning clean holes in my skin here is a short list of potential uses .removal of warts .skin cancers burnt off with thin hv arcs this is only from one electrode on the coil , via a pencil.

  10. flyback driver circiuts .are intresting and im looking for any ideas to the use of these flyback, high voltage outputs for high voltage capacitor chargeing, so far im still in the exsperimental stages. and hope to get it right sooner or latter ive been collecting them and sketching them and drawing my own pinouts illiustrations as simple as possible nothing like it on the net.

    Plasma tube exsperiments is another thing ive conducted. with the use of the hv output from a flyback and ive put together a simple hv modified hv pollarity indicater that runs off the hv out of a flyback transformer and have included 2x 5mm leds to indicate hv voltage .

    As for the plasma tube exsperiments run from the flyback transformer i was able to allso get all kinds of wierd arcs that i can freeze into shape like sawtooth shape and others includeing sine wave shape .and some unknown shapes. the plasma tube are made from photo flash tubes and this particular flyback i have no idea but it was linked to a flyback and thus ill call it one to .

    In one of my attempts to charge a photo flash capacitor i was able to store some charge ,enougth to create some sparks and dispite not useing a hv flyback transformer at that time i researching on trying it with the high voltage tv flyback , allthough the ones with disk shapes are few and far between in australia.

    I found the normal high voltage flybacks to be just as good and i even design my own high voltage flyback driver circiut unit houseing from pvc pipes and are still going strong . each flyback driver circiut i biuld are protoypes and the ones with good hv tripplers really pac a punch .

    Each unit i biuld i make them as simple as possible to fix , and with this simple modified hv polarity indicater circiut i was able to get increased ion wind output plenty blue as it seems to be [email protected]

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