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  1. thankyou audio guru and john thats what i wanted to know on the first schematic that uses tryangles i wanted to know the pin numbers for it to compare with the data sheet  so to make it easyer to biuld , well it helps to know  that now i can get it right , we wouldent of had to go through all the trouble if the designer of the first circiut that i posted, which i got from the net,  put the pin numbers in  the first place  thanks guys anyhow . audio guru ill put the batterys around the right way .

  2. :)i need to redraw the design to a more simplified format so it will be easy to biuld by but despite the data sheet posted here i need to know on the circiut diaghram which pins are the pins as listed on the data of the real rectangle shaped ics which unnumberd pin on the actuall  circiut diagram is which are the pin details the same as one of the tryangles in the data sheet here , remeber the tryangle symbol suposeing to represent the actual rectangle shaped chip , i get confused at times myself

  3. :)ok monoman hey i used 2 fat diodes cut in half on the first electrolysis test and the water was salty and even the water turned black so i wonder if the water will turn a similiar colour if you use ghraphite, i did try useing my 2 half diodes for electrodes on just plian water and i think it went a bit black to as the diode was black to  naturally in colour as it was just like  other silicon diodes , but effective to in createing good bubles for its size

  4. :)thankyou monoman  my stainlless steell bolt electrodes are nice and clean still and no corosion since i started useing demineralized water and bi carb soda, the blue water helped to keep them clean before and they are not being effected anymore so far . heres another picture i took off my pc monitor of the ignited hydroxy gas flash  that i slowed down to still it  then took the picture off the monitor look at the bright yellow flash and the sound i got sounds like 3 pops all at the same time when i slow it down with the video


  5. here is a circiut i once collected off the net , its suposed to be some kind of sensitive gravity wave detector , but the details of this ciriut aint to good can some one write the pin numbers down on the circiut here so that i will know what pins are used, on the net there are few tl082 ics listed but some have different details about them , so i dont really know which ones being used in this circiut , i have 2 of these ics but they have the texas instraments logo on them and the details on these are 15c5r5m and under it is tl082cp  is this the correct ic to use , allso before i make this circiut is there any improvements i can make to it to make it even more sensitive, or shall i just stick to the way it is, and allsao i dont have a 2.5uf electrolytic so can i use a 2.2uf and as for the mylar or metal cap i dont have them but can i use something else or what can i use in its place and is the value really that criticle or not

  6. :)monoman ive tried salty water to , it makes implodeing gas well and it sure makes the stainlless steell bolt electrodes corode faster and ya get all this black stuff form in the water , the gas appears to have a charge as it even slightly triggers my charge senser and when the charge dies down so dose the volume of gas , and when ya think its leaking, it aint as i put mine under water to see if i get any air bubles but i dident  so the gas is shrinking not leaking out , and it still makes nice big pops when you flow it through a tube into some water with dish washinge liuqiud then lite it up  are you trying to make the comppression tank to mine works ok and when the top rubber is inflated out i turn the tap on and it flows out ok due to the rubber pressing down  rewmeber the distance apart you have ya electrodes is important and the size of the water containment to less water more heat will be held and it kind of neutralizes the gas as i  couldent get it to light when i made gas useing a mini hydroxy gas generator  the water got to hot and the gas was unreacting to flame then . so you need ya water to be resonably cool  for ya gas to have more energy i think , post some pictures monoman i like to see how ya doing im planing to work on a better comppression tank useing bycical tube rubber and an extra hydroxy generator , im useing the yellow one its good for its size , and ill plan on makeing a better power supply for faster gas production .


  7. :)if you biuld the hydroxy gas generator power supply then you will need to biuld the rest , once youve made the mini hydroxy gas comppression tank you will need to test it out for leaks so useing a a small breath bloe into the bycical pump hose conected to the intake bycical tube valve and watch for the top rubber to inflate  upwards then unscrew the bycical pump hose so it wont leak out  and watch the rubber if it goes down you have a leak. to find the leak hold it under water and watch for where the bubles come out , then dry it and seal the leak , i had a leak around the top edge of the rubber so i put varnish around it and it worked , next is to store the actual hydroxy gas in it and leave it over night and if it goes down then the gas may be charged and was looseing its charge and that may exsplain why it goes down , it would be the charge was shrinking and the gas was going down because of it ,


  8. :) heres the hydroxy gas exspansion tank , i used thin rubber cut from surgical gloves and on the side of the tank is the orange colourd on/off tap to let the compressed gas out  allso i used the bycical valve with its houseing for it so when i put the gas in and as i put more in the rubber balloon section at the top will stretch and put the gas under some pressure pending on how strong and thick the rubber is then i let it out into a bubler chamber by turning on the orange tap


  9. :)when you run electrissity and current through the water via 2 stainlless steel bolts your not only getting hydroxy gas, you are allso chargeing that water to,  this i found out by mwasureing the voltage on my digital multimeter set to the low voltage reading and the voltage you read is going down pritty fast as if the charge is leaking away. i feel the same may apply to the gas you get from the charged water to, as when i stored ghydroxy gas into a balloon and tied it up tight and left it over night the balloon went down,  you can confirm any air leaks by tieing it to a hevey object and put it into a bucket of water and see if theres any bubles to confirm any leaks if not and the balloon still goes down , then the hydroxy gas may be charged to and when the charge leaks away the balloon shrinks to . heres the latest , ive made a small prototype hydroxy gas pressure  holder , when i get it completely air  tight ill put my hydroxy gas into it and the top rubber should bulge up if it goes down latter then think of what i said before, we may have to renergize the gas


  10. :)the tube setup useing a bycical tube valve and houseing  when you sqeeze  the hydroxy gas from one balloon through the bycical  pump tube and once the collection balloon is inflated  turn the nearest yellow tap to the off position otherwise the stored gas will flow back out through the bycical pump tube , as long as it is screwed in the inner part where it conects the bycical valve will deppress the valve inside its houseing, thus allowing the gas to reverse so you could iether shut off the reverse valve tap or unscrew the bycical pump tube conection

  11. :)thankyou ante i used  stainlless steel bolts in the yellow colourd hydroxy gas generator but it was when i used my small plastic can with 2 halfs of a diode  for electrodes. the diodes being silicon in nature was strange enougth however the blue watyer smells like my liuqiud plumbers glue to and that glue is green in colour  and it may be the same water i used in the hydroxy generator made useing that glue  that i put back into a bottle  after useing it so i reused that water even though it dident turn blue in one exsperiment but it did in the other useing the diode electrode

  12. thankyou monoman heres the latest, the water tank that supplys water to my hydroxy gas generator, isent big enougth to be able to gravity feed the water to the hydroxy gas generator setup so i used the bycical pump without the hose to pump air into the tank to force the water through, and allso i get reactions at both stainlless steell bolts for the current and voltage from my power supply , but because the electrodes are still to far apart  its to slow in createing enougth gas to go to the tank as the bubler tank when i toped it up with water some of the water started to flow into the tube that the gas is ment to flow through ,and this tube is under water in the bottom of the tank and i need more gas to be able to force it out under pressure  but because of the size of my hydroxy plant i need more power and current that my circuit dosent deliver, to be able to get more gas fast enougth , and i would need to bring my electrodes closer together to be able to do that, without the extra current.  i havent got, that i need so im reviewing the whole design and will make some more changes , .due to the small sizes of the elbow jionts in the hydroxy gas setup i cannot get them any smaller to be able to bring the electrodes closer together so ill have to find an easyer alternative but the single yellow pipe like hydroxy generator is proveing to be good  so ill make another one and test it in sieries with the other and if i get more gas output ill combine it with the bigger one and see how it goes from there , so ive got more tests and modifications to do yet before i have a fully working version

  13. :)i have a few liters of demineralized water with a box of bi carb soda mixed in for my hydroxy gas generation and so i pourd some into a bottle which i use and when im finished i pour it back into the small bottle so its reused water with bicarb soda, here is another picture of bit pourd into a small beaker cup it looks like the blue sky

  14. :) with useing water i get black sludge, and  ive even had yellowy water, when testing out my hydroxy gas power supply, and ive been useing demineeralized water with bi carb soda mixed with it, and the colour of the water is allways the same when you use bi carb soda in it  the electrodes in the hydroxy gas generator are stainlless steell, today i  tried the demineralized water with bi carb soda on another hydroxy set up that has  2 halfs of a diode for electrode and diodes are silicon types and this time the water changed blue  and so i pouerd 40 mills of it into my other yellow colour hydroxy gas generator so its mixed in with the demineralized water and bi car and after allowing the hydroxy gas generator to run for a little while i then pourd out the water , i wasent exspecting to  see the bl;ue water as it was only a small amount compared to the other water allready in the hydroxy gas generator , but the bklue water was still visible  , what is this blue water if anyone can tell me , i allso noticed the end of one of the stainlless steell bolt electrodes was very clean and  had a shine like glow to it  im gona make more blue water and run some tests on it

  15. you need to get the actual modified foam cuuting circiut biult and going to get ya gas from the water which is  important  so here is another handy peace you can biuld from very few parts to use, first the modified foam cutter makes small amounts of gas enougth to fill a balloon so it stands up for just a few miniutes so if you let it run longer it may inflate the balloon, if not here is a way you can store each amount of gas into a balloon so it inflates more , ill be working on a simple prssure tank to force it in and allow it out under pressure , in the picture here you will  see on the right a bycical pump hose , this has an inbiult fitting inside the other end that when screwed over the bycical valve , to which i have stripped the rubber off, to show the houseing, inside the houseing is a srew in valve which allows for one way gas floe through the orange tap when in the open position.  the other valve tap is left closed  this is for when you want to thunnell the collected gas from the collection balloon else where. now when you make your gas  which is stored in a separate balloon attached to the hydroxy gas generator remove the balloon and conect it to the bycical pump hose conection use a bit of plastic tube on it to assist in the conection then sqeeze the gas out through the setup so it goes one way into the colection balloon , then make more gas and conect it to the gas input hose, thats the bycical pump hose then sqeeze the balloon with your hand to force the gas through the bycicle tube one way valve so that the gas allso goes into the colection balloon. when your ready to use the gas  just add a conection to the top gas output like a container of water  with the tube runing to the bottom so when you open the tap and sqeeze the gas colection balloon the gas will then flow out the output tube and into the water and it will buble out  for use  so this will stop the gas from igniting and flashing back  to the main gas holding balloon


  16. another thing i forgot to mention is that the left hand side of the hydroxy gas generator where 2 tubes go into the top one for water input and the other next to it for hydrogen output, well under the cap where the water input tube goes , that tube is exstended down to the water inside the hydroxy unit  so that it will stop feeding water when the end of the tube is submerged , or if i close the air intake displacement tap at the top of the water tank itself .

  17. :)here is more shots of the actual upgrades, . at the top of the gas and water chambers are plastic drink bottle necks with there screw on tops on. and lets start with the first tank the orange , water/gas flow tap which goes through the screw on top has a tube under it which runs to the inside bottom of the tank  through water which is in the tank ,so this tank is used as a bubler  the tube runing from under the tank can be used for anything but im gona use it as a drain tank and the one on the side well same thing so i have multiple uses for the tanks , the tallest tank is the water feed tank which feeds the water to the hydroxy unit, and it has a tap on top to let in air to displace the water as it gets used  and because im useing 2 out of the 3 sections of the main hydroxy gas generator i have the water input into the same top cap where the hydrogen allso comes out of . the 3rd section not used  is sealed by the tap in the off position at the end of the tube  . by useing the left and middle hydroxy output pipes is like bringing the electrodes closer together for faster reactions , the extra orange plastic taps you see at the top of the gas tanks is the gas collection piont  after the gas rises up through the water from the bottom of the tank  thats why its now a bubbler tank  which allso can stop backfire or flashback but it wont happen  the front bottle caps of the hydroxy generator  with the plastic bottle necks to which they are screwed onto , have a blue plastic like washer inside them  these are very important as they stop water leaks so , the stainlless steell bolts go through them to and are glued or sealed on both side s so the top of the screw on cap and under inside are glued where the bolt goes in and where it comes out, to be direct


  18. :) monoman i shall do what i can do to help, if ya read my post before this one  the pvc water pipes you should get from ya local hardware, depending on where ya are and they are easy to cut and heat so that they get soft, enoutgh to flatten out and use to cut round circles out of , to use to seal the ends of the section of pvc pipe ,that you cut out for the tanks , for the windows use the clear plastic cut from a a bottle of coke or other and seal it  on the inside of the window hole, you drill out of the side of the pvc pipe section that you are gona use for a tank , on the outside edge of the window you use a white sealant to seal the edges and varnish it all down over the outside of the pvc pipe tank , then  the rest is easy , ive modified the tanks by adding the plastic coke bottle neck and lid to the top of tanks and run the plastic tubes to them and the final gas output will be next to them when i do that last bit

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