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  1. :)thankyou ante and monoman, for the inspireing coments , ive upgraded the plant since and the tanks are now allso bublers to , all i need is drainage tanks which there isent any room to put them but ill think of something . as for useing a bycical pump etc etc to pressureize the gas well the bycical pumps have changed in design over the years and so it failed my test so ill look for another idea to do the job , the pump, pumps air out even under pressure ok  but it dosent do to well in reverse mode as the air leaks out then, the tanks are made from pcv pipes, the same stuff i make circuit boxes from and i seal the ends with a heated to soften and flattened out peace of pvc, which is cut to fit the ends and the glued in . but before this is done i mark out the windw and useing a mini drill and drill bit i drill out that section then useing some clear plastic cut from a plastic drink bottle like coke or sarsparilla i then hold it over the window hole on the inside , after i spread pumbers contact glue around it to seal it in place  the plastic orange water taps are cheap to buy even for irigation purposes i use them to controll water, and gas flow .

  2. :)the actual foam cutter circuit i used i posted it into one of the forums here before so the details are there . you only need to change the scr to a higher voltage one that can handle 35 amps and , use a 4.7 ohms 50 watt resistor in place of the 2x 10 ohms resistor then add a 1 ohms 50 watts in parralell with the 4.7 ohms and the increase the green caps by adding more 10 uf green caps and note the increase in buibles and  add 2x 27oouf or over in parralell with the output terminals , look in the forums electronic foam cutter or whatever ive got it named as and you will see it there .

  3. :)heres the home made hydrogen and oxygen plant nearly finished and the caps with the stainlless steell bolts, electrodes through them can be screwed off , they are water tight and are , virtually plastic drink bottle tops and allso the neck of the drink bottles to.  . in the picture only 2 electrodes will be used , the middlle one and iether left or right and on iether side is a gas holding tank and at the back is the drip or water feeding tank . the orange taps you see are water irigation taps from the local hardware, still a few things to do yet before finished , in the gas holding tanks water is used as a compression piston to force the gas out to a holding vessell . ive been planing to further modify the tanks to use as bubblers to.

  4. :)im back and here is a modified foam wire cutter circuit  combined with a water gas circiut, etc for the separation of hydrogen and oxygen from water . now the brown colourd green caps are rated at 10uf each and at 100 volts , and as i started to increase the green caps, a few at a time, i was getting more bubbleing reaction from the stainlless steell bolts, that i used as electrodes, in the last information i read and downloaded last time off the net there was some mention of putting a capacitor across the electrodes so i put 2x 2700uf  at 40 volts each, in parralell across the outputs to the stainlless steell bolt electrodes , i use the dial controll to controll the ac of the modified foam cutter circuit which has a 4.7 ohms 100 watts gold colourd metal finned resister sitting on a heatsink, and the scr i changed to a higher voltage rateing and  current rateing and allso i put a 50 watts 1 ohms metal finned resister in parralell with the big 4.7 ohms . and it all works ok in makeing hydrogen and oxygen,  low pressure  gas which i can make higher pressure by designing a hand pressure pumping station which is under construction , and is simple and only needs a few parts. oh the ac from the foam cutter goes to the bridge rectifier circuit/ water gas circuit so i get dc


  5. ;) its ok i seen a rocket site for model rockets on the nets agers ago and they showed the details of one of those launchers and the nichrome wire with its initiator was in the stand and the initiator was at the tip of the nichrome wire top of where it bends  so that when it glows at the thinnest piont in the bend it ignites the initiator and it initiates the ignition of the solid feul

  6. :)nar  ha ha ha ha ,  down under here we are in the upright position , useing a bycicle upside down and useing plastic  in the spokes was an idea i got from a book many years ago  so that when the wind blows thropugh it it spins like a propeller  , being in australia down under we have no sense of being upside down , other wise our hair would be sticking up in the air and we would all look like punk rockers .

  7. :)i dont want to replace them i just want to exspand the size of the circuit and  biuld a more spacey one so i just want these bd234 trannys but if the tip142 is ok ill try it ,even though they are bigger,tonight i rplaced the tesla trannys for 2n3058 trannys which i was told are more poerfull than the 2n3o55, but the voltage went down and the same left tranny got hot so i put the tesla ones back and turned the voltage output down to 100.7 volts ac  if i turn it up more the voltage drops and the tranny gets hot so ive got it set to that , ill charge up my 12 volts battery more as its around 11 volts .


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