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  1. :) here is a foam wire cutter circiut from the net, and some neat pictures of how i made this one , of corse i couldent find the corect transformer so i went one better and even for the resistors to . the transformer was suposed to be a 25 volts ac at 2 amps but the closest i can find at dicksmiths is a 24 volts ac at 3 amps , and it works great and as for the resistors ,well  the 2x 10 ohms at  10 watts aint good enougth for the transformer i used so i got 2x 10 ohms at 50 watts with gold plated aliuminium finned heatsinks and they dont even get hot , and for the transformer im useing if i was to used 2x 10 ohms at 10 watts, thoses white colourd rectangle resistors, they would get very hot and if you have them flatt to the board they cook the board and even the solder jionts, especially if you have them above the board, would melt


  2. compare your circuit to the one in the high voltage photo flash capacitor charger topic in the high voltage stuff section it uses an ignition coil driver to . there are 2 versions ones a flyback powerd circuit that charges high voltage capacitors up and the other is an ignition coil version that has the ignition coil driver circuit in it  :)

  3. heres a simple circuit i made from a few parts , and this may be intergrated into the scr testor circuit, with a few modifications, now this circuit may be good for a trigger coil tester or maybe led tester , the idea is by modifying the scr tester and run a circuit through the flasher realy contacts so when the relay closes the dc flowing into this circuit enables the red led to blink indicateing dc flow , and at the same time the trigger coil is energized , and when the relay flasher indicator drops out  when its internal capacitor discharges , the colapesing electromagnetic feild in the trigger coil then induces a ac voltage which then blinks the second green led , so the 2 leds will blink alternately like indicater lights , one for dc and one for ac


  4. :)unlike benjamin franklin who flew a kite with a key in it to attract lightning  which traveled down the line or thin wire, he had attached to the key,  to be of any real use the lightening would have to be a continiuos bolt to be of any use and it would have to strike one place all the time not just here and there  and we would need a continious lightening storm  and lightning bolt to the one spot then they maybe able to use it  by stepping it down to a useable level with a giant huge electronics lab transformer then we would need to turn it to dc then do what we need to or just reduce it to the ac level we need in all our houses

  5. :)cynicmonster that was a good one , ive got to admit now maybe a joke section would be great for some humour . heres one for all a man has a pet cat and oneday he found it laying near the fire place and it dident seem to move so he got worried and rang the vet . my cats not moveing he dosent seem to respond to me when i talk to it  said the man to the vet , the vet then said ok, give it a teaspoon of mustard, that will get it going , so the man gives his cat a teaspoon of mustard, but nothing happens ,the cat lay motionlless like it was dead, so the man rang the vet again and said my cats still not moveing  i think its dead. so the vet said well give it a hot cuppa milk and honey this may work and get it up and going. but that dident work iether, so he rang the vet back and told him he still thinks it may be dead. the vet then says i know what will get it going, hmm said the man , the vet then instructed him to give it a teaspoon of petrol , this will work and get it up and runing no worries,  said the vet , so the man gives his lifelless cat a teaspoon of petrol, then all of a sudden the cat gets up and runs down the hall way and into the bedroom and then out the back door and into the back yard then back into the back door then into the loungeroom , then into the kitchen untill it ran out of petrol, then dropped dead.

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