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  1. Hello everybody From my previous topics i knew this community will always help me in solving my problems i face. So, this time i'm here also with a new problem with Project " Digital Compass".\\ The idea of this project is to convert Analog Compass to Digital Compass. This will be as folllows: * Get the analog compass * Get the seneros required and Test them in eight directions. * Attached the senseros with the Analog compass and when the needle passes through a senseor the output should give me "1" on LCD Display . * The problem is with the needle , the normal needle has a tail and an arrow head , when i put in the middle it will pass through two seneros that will give two "1's" and this will be confusing as you know. I tried to play with needle by cutting its tail or make a hole and i noticed there will be a balancing problem in the needle. The objective is : to make the needle pass only one senseor and gives only one output without changing the types of senseros i have. Can anybody helps me with this puzzle. Thank you
  2. Thank you for your reply , you didn't understand what i mean , i need from you to help to find a pactical filter and easy to analysis .... if you don't mind >>>>> or by giving me a suitable website for these applications.... Thank you again.....
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