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  1. Now offered in 2 Form B versions, the MK24 series Reed Sensors achieve a minimum life expectancy of 50 million operations at 5V, 5mA, 100Hz while measuring only 5mm x 1.8mm x 2.2mm. At 50 millions operations, the MK24’s base reed switch, a 4mm KSK-1A04 unequivocally surpassed all other reed switches in its size class. Though ultra miniature, the MK24 is constructed of a rugged overmolded package containing the hermetically sealed reed switch. In addition to their high performance and ultra miniature size, the MK24 require no external power to operate making them especially suitable in applications with low power and space limitation requirements such as in portable medical and electronic devices. These sensors are used as a control switch or non-contact magnetic proximity sensor for counting, position, limit and liquid level detection applications. Choose from 3 surface mount lead designs in a SPST-NO (Form A) version: lead design 1 (straight cut axial lead), lead design 2 (Gull Wing) and lead design 3 (J Lead). The MK24 is also available in lead design 2 or 3 in a SPST-NC (Form version. The normally open (Form A) version sensors come in 5 contact sensitivity ranges (A, B, C, D, & E), while the normally closed (Form version is available in a B sensitivity only. These reed sensors are RoHS compliant.
  2. Wireless Power enables applications where it is difficult or impossible to use a connector to deliver power. Examples include products that need to operate in harsh environments or need to be cleaned or sterilized as well as products that are simply too small for a connector. However, integrated solutions for the transmitter and receiver circuits usually involves relatively complex hardware and software design. The LTC4125 – a full featured wireless power transmitter IC. Various high performance wireless power systems can be designed with an LTC4125 and one of several battery charger ICs in the Linear Technology portfolio as the receiver. With LTC4125 at the core of a wireless transmitter, most of the design complexity is reduced to determining the value of a few resistors and capacitors.
  3. At the Expo & Conference, attendees with smartphones can participate in the first promotional emBeacon-based scavenger hunt to explore the event and be rewarded with special prizes. Sensors Expo will bring together over 4,000 engineers, scientists and industry professionals from around the world to see the latest innovations in sensing technology. Attendees at Sensors Expo who download the Sensors Mobile App will be encouraged to explore specific areas of the show through the scavenger hunt and will collect points for each emBeacon they encounter. Specific scavenger hunt instructions are included in the Sensors App. Winners will be selected from the pool of completed Scavenger Hunt contestants, and they will be rewarded with special prizes from Sensors Expo at a drawing on Thursday, June 26 at 1:00 p.m. in the Sensors Magazine Live Theater. All must be present to win. Sensors Expo is partnering with EM Microelectronic, a leader in ultra-low power, low voltage integrated circuits and mTribe, its mobile app provider to implement the scavenger hunt. The hunt uses EM’s emBeacon COiN module, an optimized Bluetooth Smart beacon, which will be strategically placed throughout the Sensors Expo show floor and at each Scavenger Hunt booth, automatically providing useful information to attendees and Scavenger Hunt participants. “We are thrilled to be working with EM Microelectronic on showcasing their advanced Bluetooth wireless technology on the Sensors Expo show floor,” said Mat Dirjish, Executive Editor, Sensors Magazine. “Sensors Expo is known for highlighting the latest innovations in sensing technology and the emBeacon COiN module is no exception.” The emBeacon COiN module leverages EM’s EM9301 ultra-low power Bluetooth Smart Controller and the EM6819 ULP 8-bit Flash microcontroller to create a highly efficient Bluetooth beacon. It boasts up to 150 meter range, 16 month lifetime powered by a Renata CR2032 battery, high security and enormous flexibility, all at an attractive price. Quiescent power consumption is low enough that it can be powered purely by harvested energy. A variety of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells have been used to power emBeacons to send sensor data, such as temperature, light level, supply voltage, event counter and beacon/location information to the emBeacon iPhone® and/or Android application running on nearby smart phones via Bluetooth low energy technology. “EM is excited to be participating in Sensors Expo and featuring our new Bluetooth emBeacon throughout the show floor during the Scavenger Hunt,” said Michel Willemin, CEO of EM. “We will be showcasing several products at Sensors Expo, including the emBeacon COiN module and our SENtral sensor fusion co-processor, both of which offer attendees low power consumption and high performance at an attractive price. EM will also be giving a presentation on, and demonstrating Bluetooth Smart beacons powered by harvested indoor light energy at the show.” In addition to EM Microelectronic, hunt participant sponsors include: Delta Mobile, DJ Instruments, Fraunhofer ENAS, JSR Micro, ROHM, Sensors Magazine, Silicon Designs, and Vista Medical. All completed hunt participants will be entered to win prizes which will be presented at Sensors Expo on Thursday, June 26 at 1:00 PM. Sensors Expo will also be debuting a brand new Attendee Choice Awards onsite at the event. All attendees will be able to vote on the most innovative and exciting technology they saw using the Sensors Mobile App. All attendees who download the Mobile App are eligible to participate in the Hunt and the Attendee Choice Awards. Click here for more information. For more information on sponsoring the Scavenger Hunt, please contact Cal Groton. About EM Micro EM Microelectronic designs and produces ultra-low-power, low-voltage, digital, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for battery-operated and field-powered devices in consumer, automotive and industrial applications. The company's ultra-low power product portfolio includes Bluetooth Smart emBeacon modules and controller ICs, the SENtral sensor fusion co-processor, plastic LCDs, display drivers and capacitive touch controllers, NFC & RFID tag and reader ICs, 2.4GHz CoolRF™ digital wireless transceivers, long range 2.4GHz transceivers, embedded flash microcontrollers, power management ICs, smartcard ICs, timing circuits, sensor interface and optoelectronic ICs, and customer specific integrated circuits. About Sensors Expo & Conference Since 1986, Sensors Expo & Conference has been the leading industry event in North America exclusively focused on sensors and has emerged as one of the largest and most important gatherings of engineers and scientists involved in the development and deployment of sensor systems. The Sensors Expo & Conference is produced and managed by Questex Media Group LLC, a global, diversified business-to-business integrated media and information provider, headquartered in Newton, MA.
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