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    AmelieScott reacted to hotwaterwizard in BTY79 and C106D Thyristor.   

    NTE Replacement
    BTY79-800R = NTE5531                  
    BTY79-600R = NTE5529                  
    BTY79-500R = NTE5529                    
    BTY79-400R = NTE5527      

    NTE Datasheet

    C106D = NTE5457

    NTE Datasheet

    Try these suppliers

    Digikey --- http://www.Digikey.com

    Mouser --- http://www.Mouser.com

    Newark --- http://www.newark.com

    MCM Electronics --- http://www.mcmelectronics.com
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    AmelieScott reacted to alanng96 in SL100 & SK100 transistor   
    I can't find SL100 & SK100 transistor :'(

    Which transistors can replace these?

    Thank you for your help~  ;)
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    AmelieScott reacted in Low power solenoid?   
    A solenoid is just a linear motor therefore with no power you have no holding torque.  You can get a mechanical assist with some via a spring but unless you want to hold open when the power is off and release when power is on I don't think this will do you much good.  I think what you'll be after is some sort of mechanical solution beyond just the solenoid itself.
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    AmelieScott reacted in Low power solenoid?   
    I want to apply force for an extended amount of time (10 secs to a couple minutes) using a solenoid actuator. Unfortunately, it seems that solenoids use a lot of power when they are active. Is there a solenoid type that will only use power when switching between active and not active? There's probably a way I can do this with an external mechanism, but I was wondering if there may be commercial solenoids that have this built-in.

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