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BTY79 and C106D Thyristor.

Guest Aliyu Umar

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Why is this question coming up again?  Did you post the same question on a different forum?

The answer is the same as before.  There is nothing at all critical about the SCRs used in this circuit.  Any voltage rating will do because you can't find an SCR with too low a voltage rating for a full wave rectified 17 volt supply.  Look up the current ratings of the two specified SCRs and find replacements with at least those current ratings.  Specifications for both SCRs are available on line.  You can find satisfactory replacements for less than a dollar at digiKey, Mouser, and many surplus outlets like All Electronics and Alltronics.


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NTE Replacement
BTY79-800R = NTE5531                  
BTY79-600R = NTE5529                  
BTY79-500R = NTE5529                    
BTY79-400R = NTE5527      

NTE Datasheet

C106D = NTE5457

NTE Datasheet

Try these suppliers

Digikey --- http://www.Digikey.com

Mouser --- http://www.Mouser.com

Newark --- http://www.newark.com

MCM Electronics --- http://www.mcmelectronics.com

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