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  1. The AC's power consumption depends on its star rating. Every 1 ton of cooling power (commonly known as heat removed by a 1 ton AC in one hour) is also expressed as 3516 watts. Hence 1.0 ton AC will be rated at at-least 3516 Watts A 1 Ton AC of 5-star rating consumes around 1000 to 1050 watts of power per hour, working at full capacity. A unit of power is termed as one KW and is 1000 watts. If the AC is installed for the domestic bedroom, it consumes up to 65% of the rated power input, in general.
  2. Hey, I also found a training institute and an article about BGA Rework Process. Follow the given link below to get a clear understanding of reworking BGA process: http://www.solder.net/services/bga-rework-services/
  3. Electronic components which are most commonly used are as follows: Resistor Capacitor Diode Transistor Integrated Circuit (IC) Relay Inductor Crystal
  4. Thanks for sharing these links, @fxjohnsmith Here, I would like to suggest SMTnet portal which is generally known for the latest courses going on in the electronics industry by top giant companies of the Industry. You can also find there many other helpful articles related to electronics.
  5. Nice topic @Soldertraining Yes, IPC training is a part of continuous improvement in the electronics industry. It also helps to demonstrate current and potential customers that your company considers rigorous quality controls practices.
  6. Hello, ChrisEdwards!!! I am listing the important material below that is required for BGA Rework Process: Solder paste flux BGA and LGA Rework System including computer-controlled heating source on the part area, PCB preheater capable of heating underneath entire board area, calibrated vision system, automatic vacuum pick up system and data logging functionality XRAY System An endoscope or other optical inspection systems Squeegee Stencil Kapton Tape Handheld soldering system Reflow Oven Solder wick or solder extraction tool Stereo microscope
  7. Hello, Manii120!!! Can you please describe your doubt clearly. As far I know that circuits don't produce acid fumes. Well without much information, I must say that you should make use of conformal coatings as they can handle temperature up to 250°F/121°C for 30 minutes.
  8. I think you might be talking about "Race around condition" in flip-flops? If so, When the S and R inputs of an SR flip-flop is at logical 1 and then the input is changed to any other condition, then the output becomes unpredictable and this is called the race around condition.
  9. Hello, Everyone!!! I love soldering PCB's and have 15+ year of experience in soldering, repairing and reworking. Currently, I am working as a Training Coordinator at BEST Inc.
  10. Hello, Everyone!!! I am Katy Radcliff and new to this forum. I love to repair and rework PCB's, so I hope I will get something new related to PCB's and other electronic things.
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