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  1. Hi I also made this project after your example (however i had to etch the boards my self, little bit hard from these gerbers but any way:-)) It worked nice but after a little longer session with a 12v 25w lamp the current control started to oscilate and be unreliable when i was testing. Any ideas about where to start. I am not an expert so thats why I am asking. The only thig i have tried so far is ro replace the tle op amp but same result. Attaching some pictures of my project as well..... And yes i realise that a cooling fan is needed:-) Regards Niklas Ok so now solved:-) Now it works like a charm again and the problem was that due to a tight layout i had a small pice of aluminium on the backside of the board between two thin lines. (it did not burn anything so lucky i guess). Just have to find a good way for the cooling fan.
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