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  1. Laet, audioguru,

    In fact there is a way without semiconductors involved! My first question was to establish if a cap over coil solution was right for this. If there is high current it will arc when the contacts open slowly as they do when the cap discharges. Maybe not to the eye but slow enough to burn the relay. My suggestion is to avoid semiconductors, find a small relay with high resistance coil and let the small one control the big one. This way the high amp relay will open at normal speed and no unnecessary arcing will occur. And no enormous cap is necessary. ;D

    Ante ::)

  2. Rhonn,

    Basically a higher voltage gives lower losses and you can use thiner wires for the same power (W). And higher frequency will give you smaller transformers and a slightly better picture on the TV-set. AC is better than DC when switching (Less arcing 8) ) and changing the voltage at home with a transformer. (Don

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