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  1. Hi Don,

    This is a large topic, could you specify what you need to know? In some cases there are no big differences, in other it means “life or death”. You can destroy a transformer made for 60Hz when running it of 50Hz. Some types of electric motors run faster on 60Hz than on 50Hz.

  2. Hi Ante,
    I am paying only about $.10/kWh. Sure it is cheap. It would be a lot cheaper if Canada was smaller because I am subsidizing the people who live hundreds of km from a generating station. Niagara Falls is not far from me.

    ONLY! :o  Are you kidding?
    Here we have 3 phase 400V for heavy appliance (stove, washing machine or a welder) and 230-240V for everything else this allows thinner wiring and lower losses (but slightly bigger transformers since we have only 50Hz)! ;D

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