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  1. OK, suppose we have four transistors in parallel and we like to switch say10 Amp@12 Volts.
    The transistors are not exactly the same (not from the same batch) but we want to use them anyway.
    The first has 0.2 V drop the second 0.3 the third 0.25 and the last 0.25.
    This does not mean that all the current runs through the first one whit the lowest resistance sins they are all in parallel.
    If we add resistors to each one of the transistors we also add further drop (0R1 X 2.5A = 0.25V) if the transistors had been equal.
    Can you explain the reason for the resistors by adding info on the following drawings, please?
    Sorry for being a pain in your neck, but I think debating things like this is very stimulating.
    Just stop me when I become too much! ;D
    The (Swedish) mule!

    Ante ::)


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