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  1. If the amp was rated 1400 real “whats” the input current would be almost 200A @ 12VDC!  :o
    The conversion from 230VAC to 12VDC and up again to something like 2 X 60VDC would be ineffective and a wasteful. A 500VA transformer will do the job with plenty of headroom. You will have to (as SM2GXN suggested) find out the voltage inside though. And also a picture and if possible a schematic would be nice! ;D

  2. Hi frank,

    If I where to power a car amp for indoor use I would find out how its internal power is arranged first. I don’t know about the one you’ve got but I seen a few and most of them has a 12 VDC to +- 35 – 70 VDC converter inside. What I would do here is tap in between the converter and the amp with my own PSU. This will allow me to use a cheaper transformer and avoid the high currents.

  3. Mixos,

    I am sorry if I upset you but I too tried to keep thing on a respectable level. I see now that I should not got in between and put my nose in this stupid battle like I did! Won’t happen again since I trust you will take care of it in good time as soon as it starts again!

  4. mp,

    You are obviously too good for the rest of us then! And, as usually the lack of self confidence appears in the way you answering a post! By only answering selected fractions of a post you avoid the things where you have no clue or have run in to a dead end! This is a sign of weakness and you are making a foul of yourself! There are numerous examples of this behavior in your posts! I did not advise against posting in any threads, just to quit while you are ahead!  You should read your own posts!!

  5. MP,

    I don’t think you should continue stalking Audioguru! In almost every thread he appears you immediately try to find something to argue about even if you have to split hairs you can’t stop yourself from interfering. I am all for discussions but this is not the proper way to discuss electronics or any other matter! We have an obligation to the members to deal with this in a proper way and not let this go out of hand. As I suggested earlier; ignoring might be the best medicine!
    I have gotten plenty of mails and PM’s from concerned members about our disputes! I hope that none of the youngsters see the behavior here as a model, god forbid!

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