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  1. Hi sergen,

    I have changed your image to a more suitable format for posting (PNG).
    The size is now 10k instead of 2019.4k (200 times smaller) and it is easier to see to.
    Please use this format, the pages loads much faster and members using dialup will be more comfortable.


  2. Hi vinodkp,

    Welcome to our forum.

    I am sorry to hear about these problems, the first thing that comes into my mind is your software. Since you are using winace and I have no experience with this software I would recommend trying your files with WinRar which is the software used to compress these files. When using WinRar, remember that all the parts must be in the same folder when unpacking.

    Good luck and please let us know how it develops!

  3. Yes, that was number two. Just so that you know; I am all for religion as long as it’s the peaceful and loving kind! So you have the avatars turned off, maybe you don’t like Logan’s avatar either? If you don’t know what pictures anyone uses how come you know that you don’t want to look at them?
    I am not going to try to pull anything more out of you and since you as usual only answers or give your opinion on half of what I say I don’t have the energy to comment any further or trying to be constructive about the main problem.

    I leave this here for Mixos to take care of!

    Thank you!

  4. Yes, projects Q & A should be for members and especially newbie’s who are building the projects. In line with helping these builders it’s sometimes (for some of the projects) hard to refrain from warnings. I think one way of helping is when you can actually advice how to spend your money in a better way by choosing different parts or connect the pieces together a little differently and so on. This is what I call good advice and it should be allowed in projects Q & A. If not the projects presented on this site should be decontaminated so that no newbie’s will fall in a hole unnecessarily.     
    I do not agree when you say that AG is driving people away, on the contrary I read many posts where they thank him for his help and inputs. As I am sure you have noticed that I too have disagreements with AG from time to time but not at the same level as you two have by far. In some cases I have taken your side in arguments with AG because I believed you to be correct. This time it’s more than technical issues and I think you have gone too far.
    Rubbed me the wrong way?, no worries I am ruff stuff. I also believe in letting the steam out and cards on the table for a cleaner environment! ;)

    I did not see any response on the problem number two issue.

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