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  1. Well, IGBTs are a kind of power transistors (Google IGBT) and you have to have some basic knowledge to be able to test them properly. You will find them on the heatsinks (if the manufacturer use this kind of transistors) they come in many shapes so I don’t know exactly what they looks like in your inverter, some are even light trigged by optofibres. A schematic and a service manual would be nice too! Have you made a visual inspection of all the parts, looked for burns or discolored parts or pcb sections?

  2. So MP, you have that kind of background too, mine where backstage! As a tech-manager for some rock musicians in the early seventies to the beginning of the eighties I have seen plenty of equipment. Speakers, amplifiers, echo’s and plenty of other stuff from Marshall, Laney, Dynacord, Hagstrom, JBL, Vox, and some names I forgot. And sure, they all had series connected speakers and paralleled speakers and all of them worked fine even the once equipped with my homebrewed crossovers!  ;D

  3. Hi alkv,

    I don’t recognize the model of your TIG, I guess it’s not a US or EU made one?
    The fact that it shuts down just after power up suggests that it performs a self test which fails. If the fan has been broken the odds are that something has died from overheating, have you checked the IGBTs for short or open circuit?

  4. Thanks AG,

    I’ll brows through it!

    Just a short comment at this stage;
    This is a local UK manufacturer unknown to me. I am familiar with some of the stuff manufactured by for ex. Zapi, Sevcon, General Electric, Cable Form, Curtis, Linde and Sigma to name a few.
    I did not expect to find any deep going presentation on how to construct a PWM circuit and this was immediately underlined, quote: “4QD manufacture PWM speed controllers for electric motors so you will hardly expect us to give you all our own unique circuitry and technical know-how”  ;)

  5. Hi AG,

    I couldn’t care less about the way a golf carts drive system is constructed! I know from experience how torque changes and how it’s possible to optimize it by changing the frequency of the PWM. There are even times when there is a substantial gain in changing the frequency within a certain range in proportion to the rpm to have maximum torque over a wider rpm range. But as far as I know only changing the pulse width is a proper way to control the rpm.

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