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  1. I'm intending to use it in low current projects like oscillators, arduino projects - these sort of things - to learn electronic but also I'd love to drive fly-backs for juicier arks (which I've already done with my ATX power supply, of course with the standard measurements and personal protection to avoid electric shock), and olds vacuum tubes. I could instead buy one here. But, for a reasonable price, I could only find Yaxun brand, which I don't take a lot of faith (the good one are like 3 or 4 times the price of these Chinese). I do not think I'll draw too much current from it ofte
  2. Hi there. I need a good bench power supply, which i want to build myself, for my hobby lab. The thing is, i have been thinking about LM-317 as my linear voltage regulator (and because here where i live i don't have no access to better ones). The design must have these features: a)Current control from few mA to 5A b)Voltage control from 0V to 30V. For this purpose I've built this schematic, which i attached here. Please, tell me what you think about this project or if does work or does not, for i am a beginner in these things. R8 is just a dummy load. The things i need help:
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