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  1. PCBGOGO now has build a plan to sponsor electronic hobbyist's do pcb project (up to $50)here is the links:http://www.pcbgogo.com?code=yFor eachone resigner they give 20$ as a coupon.
  2. The TDA7294 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Multiwatt-15 package, intended for use as an audio class AB amplifier. Things used in this project Hardware components tda7294 IC × 2 Resistor 10k ohm ×
  3. I often get PCB boards from PCBGOGO (https://www.pcbgogo.com?code=y) and now they are make a big discount for the new resigners. For new resigners they can choose a board whatever they want it will free. Only need pay the logitic. I am so sad i can't because i am not a new resigner. So i wanna share it to u,yes ur lucky to see this comment.
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