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  1. Hmm, i read something about it, but i wasn't really liking it, but i could beaf it up with better ones, and go from there, thanks for reminding
  2. • Oh, i see the problem now and thanks for the easy solution Edit#1 • if i was really determined to use this to maximal potential i could use OPA541 right ?
  3. •Thank you for the help. i will try to do same as you did for the higher input voltage and make it work, and for the cooling solution i will probably go for fan air cooling+medium size heatsink (or the biggest one i will find) (TLE2141 might need one too, i will try to make something for it if it heats up a lot). •I know i'm not using proper transformer, but thats all i have, if i connect it to the 48 VAC transformer (it will be a bit lower, we have 230 VAC here, and the transformer has input "pins" only for 220 VAC, and 240 Vac (100VAC and 120VAC will be pointless in my case)) should i worry about the TLE2141 getting too much voltage/current, and if is there an solution (without changing the transformer) ? Thanks in advance <3
  4. •Thank you for the help. That doesn't sound really good for me then, i will try to make it hopefully work, i won't mind ripple at the high end as much, (since i will not be pushing it to the limits), with these facts in mind, if i would go for more powerfull transistors and put them idealy all on a heatsink, and air cool them, they should not get too hot hopefully, in worst case, i could put them in pararel. for the transformer, i alredy have it which is small issue, since i'm starting i can not get diffrent one any time soon, i might actualy eventualy go back, redesign few stuff on it, and maybe order more suitable transformer, once i get better knowledge about electronic in general, •Also will putting back the Q1 with the rezistors&diode (if it is needed for it, seen latest version of this circuit without it at the 5A mod page Link), keep the other parts cooler or have no effect and make it a bit more dumbprof (let's face it, if i make stupid mistake as i usualy do by acident, i would not like to kill the power suply at it's 1st year of use )? •Also could Full wave rectifier like this one, replace the full bridge rectifier, considering i have CT transforer, that could allow me to get enought current in the low output voltage, and at high voltage, it will remain with big ripple affect sadly (i don't mind it as much) Ripple measured by Tintin •Thanks for help&understanding i appreciate it a lot
  5. •Thank you for the information, but the transformer is center tapped, 24Vac+24Vac, that should not cause troubles, expect the fact it will not be 30VAC total but 48VAC, thats why i might need to beaf up few componenents, •I will look on the newest version you posted (and into the detailed version with measurements by Tintin (Alimentation0_30V.pdf)), and go from there, thanks a lot, if it heats up too much after, i will make the heat desipiate into more than one as you did on the 5A one
  6. •This project seems great&rugged, and very confusing due to the changes, I was trying to figure for last 2 days what is the newest part list. There were lots of changes on it, few rewirings that were causing few components to heat up, and for same reasson added 1 transistor, •Also the 5A version was not easy to find (and i did not found it yet), •I would love to get the newest part list and diagram if it is possible, thank you all in advance, and i wonder if there is any way to make it reliably with this transformer ( https://cz.mouser.com/datasheet/2/410/media-845489.pdf ) ?, also thanks in advance <3 Edit #1, i would go that route of look on component's datasheet and step it up (if needed), soo it won't go boom. but considering all the changes to it, i probably need actual part list&diagram&and some time to think it all up, Thanks soo much for patience and help from someone in advance [Off topic but not too much offtopic: i'm fairly new to electronics now, but i would love to make this project to test my skills, and make something that actualy works, and is actually more usefull than an unstabilized power supply i finished some time ago ]
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