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  1. Hi! I've seen the updated schematic, and I'm wondering if it is viable to keep everything like the original project (including the transformer) and just change the OpAmps (and add bypass caps) for the hypothetical case where I don't want to supply more than 15V at 0.5A (or 1A if it can reach that high). I already bought the kit from banggood, as well as their janky heatsink+fan addon for a total of 5USD, and I can buy the TLE2141IP (not CP, but seems the same apart from temperature ratings) for another 5USD. The idea is that I'm almost starting my vacations, and would like the PSU to work for 2 weeks so that I can do something with it right now (a mix of analog and digital stuff, hence the need for an adjustable PSU), and buy the "upgrades" during the next couple of months and then overhaul the PSU entirely in one go. I'm perfectly aware that I should do all the modifications that where suggested, and that the resistor power ratings are too low for the intended use of this power supply. This is just a stopgap measure for a month or two, not something definitive. Also, would there be any problem in implementing the corrected circuit in a perfboard instead of creating a custom PCB? I belive I won't be able to mod the existing PCB that came with the kit, but at the same time don't want to go all out and do a proper PCB, which ends up being somewhat expensive.
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