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  1. If You want interesting gadgets try here! http://www.amazing1.com/
  2. DickW


    Hi all Anyone built the PlayPic Pic Tutor Board yet?
  3. Hi All Any chance of a PCB layout Guru? Why not just use a cheapo plug in power supply or wall wart as the Yanks call em? Indoors of course.
  4. Use a steel ruler and a Stanley knife. Score a line then mark edges of board then score the other side. Then simply snap the board on the scored line........... Simple. Thats how I cut all my boards. Fibreglass boards are slightly trickier but it is easily done, infact if you score the copper side first you can actually see the score line from the other side through the board. Its just a simple matter of then scoring the opposite side of the board and snapping along the line. If there are any rough edges just clean them up with a file or sand paper on a block of wood etc.
  5. [glow=red,2,300]Hi all[/glow] I bought one of these bog standard kits about two years ago from Quasar Electronics here in England: http://www.quasarelectronics.com/ and I still haven't got round to finishing it yet. I also bought two 3.5 digit panel meter kits http://www.quasarelectronics.com/3061.htm from the same place. I got round the power supply for the meters by using a second, smaller junkbox transformer and making a PCB with two voltage regulators etc. on it, one 12Volts for a case fan and one 5Volts to power the meters. If anyones still interested I can post PCB layout for the second power supply, maybe? As for the main power supply, I don't really know if it will power the national grid but it worked first time with the stanard parts although R3 got hot under slight loads (everyone seems to be power mad lol). I'm sure, if I remember rightly, Smartkit do a 5Amp power supply so why doesn't everybody just buy one of those? Thanks to Mixos at Smartkit for the great kit, not to mention the many other kits Smartkit exports. Cheers Mixos!
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