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  1. Those OWON (as posted above) scopes are OK but from what I hear the triggers aren't too good, I could be wrong about that though as they see to have some good features for such a cheap unit.. I would recommend getting a used analog oscilloscope, if you can find it for cheap. I find the are better for audio stuff and repeating signals. A digital scope like the OWON listed above is good for digital stuff and one-shot things like showing bounce on a switch or ringing from an inductor on a relay. I guess there's no simple answer and it depends on what you use it for. The people using the oscilloscope may have an easier time with the OWON one though.
  2. I'm trying to put my clothes on but it's not working, what am I doing wrong? ;) Yes, please post the schematic and maybe a picture of what you've done so far.
  3. I know what the original poster is talking about, in fact, I'm soldering some components onto the same kind of board. This board is the same as stripboard except there are no connections at all, only round brass pads at each perforation. I don't knowif I'm doing it correctly, but I'm connecting points with a jumper wire and making solder bridges between some gaps with a small piece of wire.
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